Whatever Joseph Gordon-Levitt knows about The Dark Knight Rises, he’s not telling us.

In an interview with Collider to promote his film Hesher (an indy flick getting serious buzz ahead of a May 13 release), JGL was asked three questions with ramifications for nerds, the most obvious of which was what he could tell us about Dark Knight Rises. He avoided the question entirely, choosing instead to draw comparisons between Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan and Hesher director Spencer Susser.

That’s actually what makes Chris’ movies so great. Memento was a Sundance film, and I think he keeps that ethic, where it’s not about the market research or the box office or any of that. I think he’s an artist with something to say.

He dodged another Nolan-related question earlier in the interview, when he was asked if he has a personal take on the ambiguous ending of Nolan’s Inception. He said he does, but avoided details.

I love movies that cause a conversation, and if I were to say ‘Well, what it means is XYZ,’ that would be a conversation killer…That would be sad to me.

He did give one bit of definitive nerd-related information, though. When asked if he would be back to play Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe 2, he said “No.” In other news, G.I. Joe 2 will suck more now.

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