CAUTION: Full Spoilers below!

For those worried that this fourth episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy would be as bad as the previous installment all about Johnny Cage, fear not!

This installment is a return to form for the webseries, and features a really interesting setting, a whole host of introduced characters and an intriguing storyline focused around Mileena and Kitana, sister deadly assassins.

This episode, which runs only 8 minutes without credits, is short but packed with story. Very quickly, we are introduced to a realm known as Outworld, which Shalo Kahn (yes, we finally meet the big man himself!) invades and takes over from King James and Queen Sindel (yes, her too!) by using his royal guard, led by Baraka. And Kahn, after killing the king and taking the queen as his wife, orders their daughter (Mileena) be cloned by Shang Tsung and be loyal to only him (and that is how Kitana is created).

Quite the number of characters, eh?

The effects were so-so based on their budget, but the most interesting thing was how they told the story.

Director Kevin Tancharoen did something extremely smart with this episode, as he knew full well what his budget would and would not allow. So, during most of the exposition, he uses animation. The closest parallel of the animation I can think of is the story of O’Ren Ishi from Kill Bill: Volume 1.

Does this episode completely redeem from last week’s bad escape into the life of Johnny Cage? No. But I hope this continues the upward trend for the remaining episodes.

What did you think of the latest episode? Are you looking forward to next week’s episode, or just want them to get to classics like Sub-Zero and Scorpion already? And is the series living up to the nitty-gritty aspect that was portrayed in that trailer all those months ago?

Let us know what you think!

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