Seven Samurai Remake in the Works

It’s not really surprising that someone else is ready to remake Akira Kurosawa‘s Seven Samurai, the classic tale already has a slue of good, bad, and just forgettable remake attempts already, The Magnificent Seven, Battle Beyond the Stars, the animated Samurai Seven just to name a few. The Weinstein Company has hired a director: Scott Mann, (The Tournament).

Variety says that the action flick will take place in Northern Thailand where a sleepy village hires seven paramilitary contractors from around the globe to defend it from an imminent attack. John Fusco (Young Guns) has been working on a script, and Scott Mann will join him in putting together a draft, with hopes to start shooting the film later this year.

If you have never gotten around to seeing the original film then get with the program! There is a good Criterion blu-ray, the film is streaming on Netflix, and on Hulu Plus. Throw in Yojimbo, Sanjuro, and Zatoichi and you’ve got a weekend of blade swinging Samurai action. Better yet, grab copies of all the Seven Samurai remakes and enjoy seeing what worked, and what didn’t. Battle Beyond the Stars is a classic though, John Boy in space. What’s not to like there.

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