Sure using an Augmented Reality card for the Nintendo 3DS is fun, but how would it look tattooed onto your skin? After a few hours at a tattoo parlor, a bit of pain and voila! A bitching AR card of your own Nintendo Mii character.

Yep, our friend Orin from I Heart Chaos, had a great idea and went running *arms flailing* to the tattoo parlor to give the world a wonderful “what the…” buried under his layers of flesh.

Now here’s exactly what the AR tattoo looks like:

Here’s  the exact same tattoo shown threw the eye of the Nintendo 3DS (mind the quality of the video (you try to hold two cameras at once and play with yourself):

This is cool and all, but I can’t help but shake my head at how this half-baked idea came to be. Must have gone a little something like this:

*snorts line of hookers ass and takes another swig of beer*… I gots a great idea! Imma gonna put this here card on my body. This way I can always play with myself. Da magic video game box will stand the test of time, right?  Fuck, yes it will. Here’s $200. Do not pass go, but DO tattoo this bitch. Where? Left arm seems proper. Tat looks sweet, great job. Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,  it’s on the arm with my trigger finger on it. How da fuck am I supposed to play?

Shit Orin, couldn’t you have just used, I don’t know, a magic marker or one of them DIY printable (and removable) tattoos? Whatever. You are a visionary. I pioneer. We salute you!

Oh, NERD BASTARDS FAN REQUEST. Can one of you nerdy girlies out there do this on your boobies (unlike Orin from IHC, get some crayons or something). Boobs. Nintendo. Augmented Reality. Someones gotta do it.

Via: I Heart Chaos

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