The million dollar, big screen adaptation of Thor opens this week, May 6th, (by the way have you read our review, yet?) but some of you might still be scratching your head about what’s all the fuss about this Norse god. Well, first off, he’s got a cool hammer, named Mjolnir, and I’ll admit I’m still not sure how to pronouce it. Umm… and that’s where my Thor knowledge fizzles.

But the movies out in two days how can I possibly learn a thing about this guy in that amount of time, you ask, exasperately!?

Don’t worry, what else is the internet is here for. The good folks of the web comic, Let’s Be Friends Again compiled Thor’s long and convoluted history into eight easy to understand panels. It’s another issue of their ongoing series, Comics, Everybody!, where they explain in simple terms the history of all the confusing comic book characters we love.

Click the jump for the entire comic, and remember, if it doesn’t make sense, meh, Comics, Everybody!

HEAD ON OVER TO COMICSALLIANCE.COM to see the 3 remaining panels

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