This Week in Comics 5/4/2011

Editor Note: NB contributor Veronique Medrano will be stopping by every Wednesday to give you bastards the word on the week in comics. Not only will she tell ya what are the good grabs for the week, but she’ll also keep you abreast of all the good stuff going around the comic-book water cooler (Industry news, major story lines, etc.). She has boobs and reads comics. What more do you need to know? -Luke

Hola, Konnichiwa, Bonjour and Hello comic book aficionados! Here is your insider comic book news for this week. Oh and btw, happy #StarWarsDay. May the 4th be with you, But watch out for the Revenge of the 5th!

The biggest new this week, which I’m sure you all heard, was that Superman said “fuck you” to America and renounced his citizenship. In Action Comics issue #900 David Goyer writes the story that after becoming involved in peaceful protests in Tehran which cause ructions for his adopted country. Supes comes to believe that being explicitly seen as a force for the US(be it good or bad) can no longer ensure the safety of the entire world. Suffice to say this new his caused in uproar not only in the comic community, but the world. FOX NEWS was not pleased. Question: Are we really mad at this Superman news, or are we mad at ourselves? As a nation, are we living up to the ideas and beliefs of old? Do we deserve ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’?

Young and old know the joys of a BK Mighty Kids Meal. But the greatest joys from those meals, as everyone knows, have been the toys that seem to be a beacon for tantrum throwing, and whining by children all over the U.S. This being said, Burger King is pulling out all the stops for this week’s release of Thor on May 6 by providing not only a neat toy, but a code that gives access to one of four online Thor comic book chapters at  Two thumbs up for BK by providing comics to the masses! Viva La Young Comic Addicts!

Calling ALL X-Men fans!  Writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glory & Infinite Vacationer) and (Vampire X-Men & Deadpool) artist Paco Medina announced that they will relaunch the Ultimate Comics X-Men in September.  In an online press conference it was stated that at the start of the series the mutants will discover that they are not the next step in mankind’s evolution, but just a government experiment gone wrong! Well, so much for being elite now they get to feel like crap! Nick Spencer also adds that since Professor X and Magneto are dead it opens up the landscape for more exciting adventures because it’ll “show how different the world really is…’and’ you’ll see why neither Professor X’s nor Magneto’s ideologies still work.”  Plus, there will definitely be crossovers between the Ultimates and X- Men.  Sounds like an exciting new chapter for the X-Men saga, which I’m sure will have fans doing the “pee-pee dance” in anticipation.

Readers of Wizard World Digital, news has just reached the interweb that Main Editor Mike Cotton will be departing. He is to be replaced by former editor of InQuest Gamer, a discontinued inhouse magazine, Mike Searle.  Wizard representatives have not returned emails on the subject. But, hey at least they quickly got one Mike to replace the other. No harm, no foul.

Finally everyone, don’t forget that it’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY this Saturday, May 07. Make sure to take friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, soon to be ex’s, and even a friendly hobo to a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event near you. Dress up, get free swag, and have a nerdy free for all with others who read comics! Go to FBCD Store Locater to find a store near you

Now that we’re finished with a daily dose of news let’s take a look at the pulls for the week.

DC/Vertigo Pulls

Secret Six #33

First DC pull for the week is Secret Six #33 written by Gail Simone with art by J. Calafiore. This violent conclusion to what DC calls “the most requested story ever” has the team traveling through their own personal hell. Meanwhile, a soul will be freed from Hell’s clutches.  But who has the Get out Hell Free Card and will they be able to hightail it out of there before the devil comes back for retribution? What are your thoughts on “The Darkest House” arc?

DC Universe Online Legends #7

Second pull for the week is DC Universe Online Legends #7 written by Marv Wolfman and Tony Bedard with art by Mike S. Miller, Howard Porter, and Livesay. In a jaw dropping cover, Batman’s horrific injuries are revealed. Ironically, he looks a little like two-face and I’m not sure what’s up with the whole half bald and not bald look, but to each their own. In this issue, Batman has outlived his JLA compadres and will try to execute a desperate plan to try and save the future.

JSA All-Stars #18

Now we end our main DC pulls with JSA All Stars #18 written by Matthew Sturges with art and cover by Freddie Williams II. As the All-Stars head to the lair of Doctor Hate they find an innocent woman under siege! What the heck is going? Have they been dumped by a madman or has reality itself gone totally whacky? Whatever is up the consequences of following the Prince could spell disaster for the team’s future.

Other Pulls:

Weird World’s #5 -Lobo realizes that the man he hauled halfway across the Cosmos isn’t the man he thought he was, and Garbage Man meets someone who treated him kindly in his past.  But Garbage Man needs to quickly say Hasta la vista ‘because Batman is close on his trail.

Sweet Tooth #21- Snowmobile gangs, yetis, and missing girl’s makes this new story arc kick off with a RAWR! Gus reluctantly joins Jeeperd on the hunt for missing girls, while Lucy and the girls meet Walter Fish who is more than meets the eye.

Jonah Hex #67 -Say What!?! Jonah Hex is wanted for murder. Can it be that Jonah Hex’s life of violence and emo tirades have pushed him to the edge or is he being framed?  Well, whoever wants to bring him to justice has to drag his squatter butt out of the disease-infested ghost town he’s hiding in. Cliché showdown scene is in store!


Marvel Pulls

Fear Itself #2

The first Marvel pull for the week is Fear Itself #2 written by Matt Fraction with art by Stuart Immonen. The Mighty Thor is imprisoned by his own father and Odin along with the Asgardians leave Earth to fend for itself against the God of Fear. The Avengers and the world’s remaining heroes are Earth’s only defense from the Serpent’s Hammer totally reaming them with living avatars of evil. How do you think the Avengers will respond to this new curveball from fear itself?

X Force Angels & Demons #1

Second pull for the week is X Force Angels & Demons #1 written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost with art and cover by Clayton Crain. After the shocking events of Messiah Complex, lines that the X-Men never thought they would cross are now being brought to the forefront. So as Cyclops realizes that certain enemies need to “sleep with the fishes” and the X-Men can never know about.

Ozma of Oz #6

We end our main Marvel pulls on a light note with Ozma of Oz #6 written by Eric Shanower with art and cover by Skottie Young.  This wonderfully loveable adaptation of Frank L. Baum’s world of Oz continues as the Nome King is asked to release the Royal family of Ev. But as the people of Oz begin to disappear, Dorothy realizes that the Nome King has the deck stacked against them.  Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my! Will Dorothy and her friends be able to escape the Nome King’s sinister underground palace?  Any thoughts?


Other Pulls:

Heroes for Hire #6 -While Captain America kicks Paladin’s teeth in will Spider Man want to help a mercenary? If he does this could make him a Spider for hire. Check out this comic and see what is calling “a wholly successful debut…with panels that pop off the page!”

Marvel Zombies Supreme #4- Jack of Hearts returns. Yet everyone is falling to pieces around him! Jack has to look within himself to find out what it means to be a hero. Can he reconnect with his humanity before the zombie-infected Squadron Supreme turn everything undead?

Captain America Vengance#1- This is the official prequel to the Marvel Studios summer blockbuster, and you get a look at where Steve Rodgers met his best friend ‘Bucky’ Barnes, and what set him on the path to become the First Avenger. Keep yourself placated for the movie’s release by picking up this comic!

Independent Pulls

Spike #8

The first Independent pull of the week is Spike #8 written by Brian Lynch with art by Franco Urru. Tears, terror, and action riddle this last issue of Spike! Spike will have to grab his mighty long sword and put his demons to rest before this challenge puts him in the grave for good.  Are you excited for the Spike finale?

Jennifer Blood #3

Second pull for the week is Jennifer Blood #3 written by Garth Ennis with art by Adriano Batista and Marcos Marz. The sexy cover art can totally set any mans blood a flowin’ and it does not disappoint.  Sexy babe Jen can deal with pervy unfaithful neighbors putting the moves on her, and ruthless criminals. But will she stay unfazed when she comes face to face with her own past? Followers of the series what do you think?

Vampirella #5

I give you some nice boob  cover art action with final the pull  Vampirella #5 written by Eric Trautmann with art by Wagner Reis and Fabiano Neves. Vixen Vampirella carves a bloody path through Dracula’s forces, and faces off with the Lord of Vampires himself.  Forced marriage proposals, bloody fights, and epic drama make this more jam packed than a car full of clowns.

Other Pulls:

Moon Girl #1 -Moon Girl looks to life beyond her role as champion of justice, but when fanatics inspired by her adventures begin enforcing their own brand of  justice she forces herself  into action once again.

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths &Legends #4 -Nobody is safe in the facility as the evil that stalks them has the trapped where it wants them. The body count rises and the facility’s patients and staff turn against each other. Who will suffer the creature’s wrath next?

Solomon Kane Red Shadows #2 -A dying girl reveals Le Loup to be the man who raped and stabbed her. With vengeance in his blood, Kane will burn a path of carnage through the mastermind’s murderous minions in search of him.



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