From the very beginning where Kirby proclaims “It’s Kirby, Bitch, and I’m bringin’ the Heat” to the each fucking crazy battle to the final star ride, this video brings it on, what!?

For a pink blob, he’s got a lot of gall in this video. I was very amused by the Tree and their verbal/fighting battle. My favorite part is where he thinks he’s killed the second boss, but it reappears and Kirby exclaims “Hey I thought I killed you man, Get off my back!”.  I loved the match up of  lyrics to whoever was playing the game that was recorded.  The Side Quest gets props for putting out an awesome pairing of shit talking rap with a, mostly, well played game.  The old-school games like this make for very amusing projects like this one, but it takes some originality to take the time to match action with words that work. And did I mention the shit-talking? Yeah its funny.  Watch for yourself and see what you think!]

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