The random guy and gal of “I’m a Marvel/I’m a DC” strike parody gold with this battle of wits between Thor and Green Lantern. Both crusaders of justice are poised to sweep the first half of summer with their blockbuster movies but only one can prevail. Will it be Marvel’s Thor, God of thunder with his giant hammer, eloquent prose and beautiful, flowing golden locks? Or DC’s Hal Jordan, the dashing pilot from Coast City, the Green Lantern, armed with his power ring, fueled by his imagination and sheer will?

The smack down is brought to you in all in it’s plastic, in-articulated glory as the two do-gooders go toe to toe over who is the best super hero, and therefor has the best super hero movie. Loaded with hilarious barbs thrown equally at both characters and franchises; if you follow any of the news surrounding the film or the studios producing them you’ll laugh you’re ass off at every joke. Points for even some Deadpool references thrown in at the end.

Give it watch and then pick who wins, the Marvel or the DC?

source: ToplessRobot

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