Secrecy is a funny thing for a movie. There is nothing wrong with keeping things close to the vest, but if you say too little, then rumors begin to fly.

Take Ridly Scott‘s upcoming movie, Prometheus. Originally designed as a prequel to his classic horror movie, Alien, it was then changed to its own film with ties to that universe. But other than that, and that it related to the infamous Space Jockey character, not much is known.

GeekTyrant got hold of someone who (apparently) works on the film, who said:

I was speaking with a guy who is working on the set of prometheus and he showed me some pictures and told me a bout the storyline. The space jockey that you see in alien who has had his chest busted open is the guy who engineers the aliens. He sends the aliens to planet that he wants to take over. The aliens kill the locals and he flys in and pillages the land of its resources. It seems as though he is responsible for the aliens creation, i’m guessing that he is some kind of super scientist.

The engineer is played by some huge guy who is 8ft tall. He appears even bigger in the space jockey scene from Alien as he is wearing a space suit. He appears to have died in a seat that looks like it is some sort of weapon control, this is in fact the navigation system that the space ship uses to open worm holes and plot its course. Perhaps the aliens revolted and, knowing that he has been impregnated, he is desperately trying to return home to have the alien extricated?

He showed me some pictures from the set. There is a huge silver bust of the engineers head, it is approximately 15m high. It appears that the engineer is sort of leader of a civilisation and there is a cult around his personality and his alien creations, this is probably due to the fact that he has mastered the technology that continues to provide the resource requirements of his home world. I also saw a picture of the actor who plays the engineer in what appeared to be some sort of cryo-chamber.

As interesting as this sounds, it is just a rumor. So, we will have to wait for official confirmation, but it certainly sounds plausible and is definitely within the established canon of the previous Alien movies. But, like all rumors, be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

What do you think?

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