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This week’s edition: Nathan Fillion gets slapped, Marvel vs DC rap, Queen Swan on Teefury, Star Trek fan film from 1971, D&D Encounters, Futurama as D&D characters, Manhattan movie map, Sci-Fi IKEA manuals, 10 Major Comic Events that Actually Mattered, What is the ideal space career for you?, Alien Mother’s Day card, Origama Stormtrooper helmet.

Nathan Fillion tries to slap an unsuspecting Castle cast mate, Jon Huertas; it backfires with hilarious results. (TDW)

This passed Saturday, May 7th was Free Comic Book Day and in celebration Adam Warrock released his comic book rap,”Marvel vs DC” for free download. Unfortunately, it was only available on FCBD, but it can still be streamed here or purchased when This Man… This Emcee EP comes out on May 17. (ComicsAlliance)


Awesome Queen Amidala/Black Swan mash-up on Teefury today. Make sure you grab one before it’s gone! (Teefury)


Filmed at my alma mater, The Ohio State University, this 1971 Star Trek fan film proves one thing, there have and always will be dorky Star Trek nerds making no-budget fan films pretending to be captain of the Enterprise. Give it a watch though, it’s a cute home-video look at the geeks of yesteryear. (Fanboy)


Always wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but never knew the where, when and how? D&D Encounters are weekly matches you can jump in and drop out of anytime for n00bs and veteran players without a lot of time on their hands. To search local meet-ups in your area visit here. (NerdApproved)


Speaking of D&D, here’s your favorite Futurama characters translated into playable, D&D characters, by Flickr user Remiel. I want my race to be Shatnerian. (TDW)


Incredible Manhattan movie map by Bernie Hou, including 91 movies filmed in the Big Apple. Can you name them all? (PCB)


Cadwell Turner designed these useful IKEA manuals for you favorite sci-fi tools. Note, no Jar Jars required for lightsaber, or really, for anything. Also, Djiloriann, Dindasur, Tjardiis. (TDW)


Topless Robot has compiled a list of 10 Comic Book Events that Actually Mattered. And since we’re coming upon time for a new cataclysmic, life-altering comic book events, like Flashpoint, we should review the ones we gave a damn about.


Looking for the perfect career to funnel your love of all things spacey? Obviously there are no other careers you could possibly apsire to, so use the chart and pick your dream! (TDW)


Mother’s Day was this last Sunday and hopefully you treated your Mama right, but if you forgot you might still have some time to get back in her good graces. Try this delightful Alien card. (TDW)


Want to really test your skills? Take a stab at this Stormtrooper origami head. Note, use of the force might be required. Full directions here. (OrigamiYoda)

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