Star Wars Prequels in 2 mins With…Legos!

It’s time for rhymes, wookies, and a boy who lived in a desert who becomes a bad guy, but there was a New Hope! That’s right ladies and gentlemen it is the Star Wars Prequels done right. And done in Legos (or it is Lego?)- cool.

“There was a boy who lived in a desert- but nobody cares about him” is how the video begins.True story indeed! In 2 minutes, the same people who did the two minute Star Wars trilogy in 2 mins with Legos have another brief (George Lucas beware) sum up of the Prequels in 2 mins. Did I mention 2 mins? I will try for brief in tribute to these guys (who “they” are is not mentioned). Entirely in Legos with a narrative done by what sounds like a pre-pubescent boy, this video puts the three hella long movies (with exhausting wait times between each release) into a neat and extremely accurate lil package. I have no idea who would have so much time for what must have been a super intricate venture, but where I wearing a hat, i would tip it to the creators (do people still tip hats?). And we’re off! Once upon a time….you enjoyed a video clip.

source: Obvious Winner

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