I once heard a bird owned by my baby-sitter that said “RAWT my underwear RAWT no take”.  I had a loss of respect for her after that.  T his cockatiel is even better (even if I was still nine).  He must have heard someone kicking ass on Pacman, because he sounds exactly like the iconic character in a pellet gobbling frenzy.

I would be more convinced if I heard it in person, but due to my lack of animal skill (my friend’s Doves got loose in my bathroom, i ran…), no one would lend me their cool bird.  I have however heard birds do some awesome things, and the BBC has a documentary that supplied.  This was to validate the other video- I’m not sure that the reality of one video in any way validates a separate non-BBC created video.  Oh well, I won’t question their choices.  Anyway if nothing else this is a good distraction (if i get to watch videos for a job, you should at least get to view them at your job), and maybe a random party anecdote.  Warning: This one might cause that guy who always drinks too much to try to imitate the bird.  Have a gag nearby.


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