Writin’ rhymes is the only aspect of Rap I appreciate. Making words flow takes a fair amount of talent and creativity. Beyond that, I pretty much can’t stand the medium. Just a bunch of angry men shouting about sex, disrespecting woman and killin’ themselves. How boring, stupid and insulting.

Nerdy Rappers on the other hand? I’m a little more forgiving. In fact I think it’s cute. White guys tryin’ to be black, but singing about pop culture. Ya, that’s mildly amusing.

Now, he’s no MCChris, but did you know Scorpion from MK is a gangsta (fuck, we all knew that) with mad rhymes? Yea, I didn’t think he had it in him either, but then again, he is an undead ninja from hell.


The first single from Scorp-Money’s forthcoming self-titled album “The Khronic 5 Stars Rolling Stone.”

source: Obvious Winner

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