Accents, blood and more adult situations then your first college party, it must be another season of HBO’s True Blood. After the conclusion of season 3 the fourth season has been confirmed by creator Alan Ball to be based off  ‘Dead to the World’. The fourth novel in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series that True Blood is the basis for. Never having read it, I dunno what the hell that means. Perhaps more gratuity than the previous seasons? Yes please.

Enough setting up. Let’s jump straight into this special season 4 promo of everyone favorite Vampire series.

Real Vampires don’t sparkle

So season 4 is going to have witches? Ok, as long as they can top Bill’s ‘head twisting’ one night stand from season 3 I’ll watch with open eyes and a handful of tissue (for tears of course).

Season 4 of True Blood premires June 26 at 9pm.

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