OK people STOP sending me this picture of Gandalf from the set of ‘The Hobbit’ wearing 3D glasses. I know it makes you all warm and fuzzy seeing Ian McKellan back in makeup and hair (a lot of hair), but is it really front page material? It’s not like his prosthetic schnozz in 3D will blow our fucking minds or anything. OK, maybe it will. Maybe this one pic really signifies the status of ‘Yes-It’s-Really-Happening’. Maybe I’m an idiot fuckitty fuck for not posting this the second Ian Mckellan dropped it on Flickr stating “The Hobbit is being filmed in 3D. Even wizards have to wear the glasses. Snapped by Peter Jackson in Wellington, 2011.”

Having thought it through, I am indeed a fuckitty fuck. Gandalf is back bitches! Yeehaw.

On a side note: For some reason I have Z.Z. Top’s “sharp dressed man’ stuck in me head. Weird.

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