The Amazing BrandO: New A** Kickin’ Zelda Theme!

With the stress of finals, and summer within reach I’m sure your patience is slowly wearing thin. Well, the prescription to this feeling of impatience is The Amazing BrandO, and his catchy head banging tunes will have you release all that pent up frustration in just one listen. (If not well, sorry but it’s Youtube, and you won’t get your money or soul back!)

Now, I have seen some of The Amazing BrandO’s other material and this by all means is on my list of favorites such as: One Winged Angel (Demo) Canción de las Tormentas (with epic guitar action), and Castlevania III: Dracula’sCurse. This second episode of Zelda 3 really compliments BrandO’s witty writing skills, and is something that you should really take the time to listen to. The lyrics to this song, and his interaction with Zelda make this a song that could easily replace Joe Pleiman’s Legend of Zelda song, and be the new Zelda Theme Song! This song is vulgar, catchy, and just what a person needs to hear when they need that extra boost while kickin’ a**.  But here’s a quick warning, this video is swimming in profanity so watch at an appropriate place, and turn up those speakers or headphones. You’ll thank me for it later! If you like what you hear, make sure to keep up with The Amazing Brando’s Zelda series on Youtube, and check out his other works on his personal website.

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