Sony’s Road To PSN Restoration Has Begun

The nightmare of not playing Portal 2’s online co-op, or ripping other gamers body parts off in Mortal Kombat is over, because Playstation Network is slowly but surely coming back. The recent firmware update, 3.61, has been released. The update forces users to change their password. Upon changing the password, you’ll get an e-mail confirmation about it and from there, online multiplayer is back.

Sony recently released a video featuring President, Kaz Hirai talking about the restoration of PSN. He started off by apologizing.

The restoration process started in North America and will be making it’s way to other parts of the world, with word going around that some region in Europe has begun. As for when the Playstation Store or the “Welcome Back” Package will be released, is something we still have to wait for.

Has the last three weeks been terrible for any of you PS3 gamers? As a PS3 only gamer, it didn’t affect me that much as I have many single player games to go through. It also gave me a break from having some asshole accuse me of cheating when I whooped them. Although, I do feel bad for the folks who got their hands on Portal 2 or SOCOM and weren’t able to use the online capabilities because of the network being down.

Did this whole network outage affect your purchasing decision on Sony’s future console? Do you think Sony has to serve us Kevin Butler’s head to make it up for the outage? Tell us what you think Sony needs or don’t need to do by leaving a comment.

Source: GeekTyrant, Giant Bomb

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