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This week’s edition: Quentin Taratino responds to a 13-year-old fan, the Stormtrooper Bandito, new Conan the Barbarian poster, 6 crazy movie theories that might be true, a slingshot of mass destruction, 6 stages of movie geek evolution, wearable Lego Master Chief armor, real-life Portal turret replica, Dalek wedding cake, Aunt May vs Ma Kent, Darth Vader announces Obi-Wan’s death, Marvel movie timeline, What sci-fi series should I watch on Netflix? flowchart, a tween girl designed the Tardis console featured in The Doctor’s Wife, the embarrassing moment Superman met Doctor Who, Starbuck meets Starbuck in Starbucks, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man s’more and more.

Back in 1996 a 13-year-old fan of From Dusk Till Dawn wrote to Quentin Tarantino, particularly praising his performance as Richie Gecko. What follows is the adorable response,

Dear Sarah

Thank you for your very lovley letter. It’s the best letter I’ve gotten all year long. I’m glad you loved “Dusk”, it was one of my favrote times making a movie. And I feel my best performance so far. It’s cool to hear a girl into horror flicks.

Rock on Sarah!!

Do you know about Itallion horror film maker Mario Bava? He did Blood and Black Lace, Black Sunday and Black Sabbith. He’s one of my favrotes. I read your letter to Mira, she loved it too. Write me anytime. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on a camera too.

With all my love


P.S. Sarah, since you liked Dusk so much, coming out soon is a movie we did about the making of “Dusk” called “Full Tilt Boogie”. It shows how much fun we had. I hope you like it.



I’m thinking this guy had no problem crossing the border. (FashionablyGeek)


A new poster for Conan the Barbarian showed up online. Looks plenty bloody and barbarian-y. (MTV’sSpashPage)


Unreality Magazine points out Six Crazy Movies Theories that Might be True. Example, the Ghostbusters die at the end of Ghostbusters. Say what!?


Ah, yes. Here we can observe the Internet Troll in it’s natural habitat. Please don’t tap on the glass. (TDW)


Want to see a mega-sling shot that can fire six 2omm steel balls at once decimate a watermelon? Of course you do, it’s rad. You know its good since it’s from the same man who brought us the machete crossbow and Gatling gun slingshot. (NerdApproved)


I’d like to consider myself a Celluloid Sapien as I am often trying to push as many films on my friends as possible. But when I look at the movies I choose, it’s a lot of cartoons. So in all honestly, I’m probably Familymovius Cartoonata. (TheMarySue)


Yes, wearable Lego Master Chief Armor. Just bask in it’s awesomeness. It took Ben Caulkin’s six months to contruct the armor,

I didn’t decide overnight to build a Master Chief costume out of LEGO bricks. The very base of the idea was probably inspired by Simon MacDonald’s (SIMAFOL) Boba Fett costume. Then it was after I saw some really amazing LEGO creations at my first LEGO convention, Brickworld, that I really seriously started thinking about it. At first it was just a fantasy, which is reasonable enough, I mean, come on, a full-blown LEGO Master Chief costume? It is pretty ridiculous. But when I started to take it seriously, I finally realized that it was possible, and I committed myself to it.

I put a surprising amount of thought into which part I would construct first, and I finally settled on the helmet because I thought that if I could do a convincing MOC of the Master Chief’s helmet, and be able to wear it, I could do the rest of the suit.



The turret stands 38-inches tall and features a working laser, motion sensing audio and a dedicated button for playing the Portal theme song.

Incredible what people can create. Check out more images at creator, Ryan Palser’s Flickr page. (NerdApproved)


CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! Nothing could make your special day better than celebrating with a Dalek approved cake. (TDW)


So Mother’s Day was last week, but could I really pass up on this showdown of the super hero mamas?! Ma Kent kind of cheating by using her son’s super-powered dog, but I’m not gonna tell her, would you? (TheMarySue)


The Galactic Empire Times has full coverage of this important day in history. Darth Vader makes the announcement, Obi-Wan Kenobi is dead. (TDW)


The brainy folks over at Film Buff Online have compiled a timeline consisting of every event in the Marvel movie universe. This comprehensive list begins in 965 AD and continues to July 8th 2010. Warning, there will be Thor spoilers. (TheMarySue)


Netflix Instant is a wonderful resource containing hours upon hours of sci-fi and fantasy, but how do you weed through the crap and get to the good stuff you feel like watching? A handy flowchart is useful, just follow the arrows and pretty soon you’ll be relaxing with an episode of The X-Files if you’re lucky or V if you’re not so lucky. Click image above to embiggen. (io9)


If you watched this passed week’s episode of Doctor Who you might have wondered who thought up the design of the impromtu Tardis the Doctor and his ::cough:: “wife” constructed. Turns out is was designed by a young girl named Susannah who submitted it to a contest for the children’s program, Blue Peter. Click the image above to check out the girl’s awesome design in full detail. It’s a Tardis any Doctor would be proud to tinker with. (io9)


Image of the Day: The embarrassing moment Superman met Doctor Who

The embarrassing moment Superman met Doctor Who. (blastr)


BuzzFeed lists 15 Amazing Star Wars Costumes.



Starbuck meets Starbuck in Starbucks?! *head explodes* (ToplessRobot)


SirCreate has created an awesome clay model of the Ghostbusters‘ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man s’more. Awesome, but not edible. He could have used modeling chocolate or fondan. (geekologie)


An R2-D2 BBQ drum smoker. Wonder if it does the signature R2 scream when it’s lit on fire.


Once you’ve had your BBQ courtesy of an R2-D2 smoker, make sure you clean up and throw it all away in a R2-D2 trash can. (NerdApproved)

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