*Sigh* Possible Star Wars Blu-Ray Set Cover Art

Oh GAWD! What you see before you is rumored to be the decided cover art for the complete Star Wars Blu-Ray Set. I don’t so much mind the paint-by-numbers water colored Tatooine, or the semi transparent Luke, it’s Lil’ Anakin right in the fucking middle that has me shaken a fist while I curse “damn you George Lucas. Damn you!”. First of all, I hate Jake Lloyd. His Beiber haircut (before it was known as “the Beiber”) and shitty acting was almost as disgusting as Hayden Christensen’s. I wanted to punch him then and I want to punch him now. Secondly, clearly Lucas is visually asserting how much more he cares about the prequels rather than the original holy trinity. Oh don’t give me ‘the box art does make sense because the six movies are the story of Anakin Skywalker‘ rhetoric. Fuck off! Your argument invalid. Lil’ Annie never set foot on the Lars homestead, dipshit.

*sigh* George Lucas is really good at making me forget that I love Star Wars.

I for one will not be buying this. Not only for the reason above, but because it will not include the original unedited versions of the original trilogy. I don’t care how good SW looks on Blu-Ray, or how many special features the set includes, I want my child hood back bitch!. I also don’t have a Blu-Ray player. I find the damn things stupid as fuck.

Lucas is Palpatine!

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