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After all the rewrites, costume changes and questionable character tweaking, NBC passed on the Wonder Woman dramatic action series pilot. Good decision for NBC, but too bad for Adrianne Palicki, who probably thought she’d landed the greatest gig ever.  You’d think that the problem lied solely with the very David E. Kelley-ness of the show, and not with her performance, right? But NBC chief Robert Greenblatt, says other wise. Greenblatt (haha, he has a funny last name) sat down with TV Guide recently and explained why the network skipped on Diana Prince and her lasso of truthh:

“They did a great pilot and worked really hard on it. And I have huge respect for David E. Kelley. But we looked at the schedule and our needs and where things were falling into place. And it just didn’t seem to fit.”

On what he thought about the costume and fan backlash:

“I was surprised there was such an uproar. But that didn’t have anything to do with whether the show got picked up. I love that it got so much attention. All that engagement from people whether it was positive or negative was good. And she did ultimately have these little hot pants…”

Son of a bitch! Fucker teases about “ little hot pants” we’ll never ever see. Dick!

I was really not excited about this show at all and the collective consensus from, I dunno… everyone, shared in the sentiment. Is there anyone that’s not happy with NBC’s decision. Besides Adrianne Palicki, that is.  What are your thoughts on GreenBlatt’s explanation?

I was really not excited about this show at all and the collective consensus from, I dunno… everyone, shared in the sentiment. Will Wonder Woman ever see the light of day?  Probably not, but some other network could still pick this up like Sy Fy ‘cause they have no standards.

HIT THE JUMP for Smallville Thank You Letter To Fans and news that Martin Campbell Will NOT Direct Green Lantern 2.

Smallville Producers Write Fans a Thank You Letter

The CW Smallville series is finally over! After ten years of twists and turns, three million viewers made the series finale the highest rated episode since last fall. This was a “super” way to end the season and the series.  After cleaning up all the champagne and cigar smoke (we speculate), the producers released a special letter thanking the fans for their dedication and loyalty over the past ten years:

“Nine years. At times it feels like forever (especially when we look at our Warner Bros ID badges we received our first week of work and we looked like kids!) and some times it feels like it’s only been a few weeks,” begin executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. “We will probably measure all time against Smallville for the rest of our lives.”

“As it turns out, we’ve started measuring a lot against Smallville. We began as wide-eyed freshman. All we could focus on was getting that first big break in television. We used to sit in the writers’ room and stare at the beautiful Burbank scenery saying, ‘Wow, we did it. We’re here’. Two kids from the Midwest make good.”

“And it was quite a ride. 9/11 had just happened. The world was looking for a hero. Superman always fits that bill. Especially when you’re looking for an American hero who is just, not vengeful, home-grown and dare we say earnest.”

“Then a decade passes.The war falls on a later page in the paper. It’s easy to get buried under the thousands of decisions that go into every television season.”

“And you can lose perspective being in such a macro world. But, coming to the end of the show this year, we were able to step back and we were moved by what we saw. In fact, we used that view to help shape the final season of Smallville: Hope.”

“The theme this year was Believe in Heroes. They exist. And not just in red capes. And the fact that a show that’s survived two networks, two time slots and four different days of the week proves that people want to be inspired. People want to put their faith in hope and their trust in humanity.”

“We have been lucky. We got to sit with the writers and think about Superman every day. We got to think about what inspires us. Think about why Superman is the most recognizable character in the world. Think about the most avid fans in television and the reason they tune in every week—not only do they want to believe in good, they actually do.”

“Someone once said that you can only truly appreciate in others what you have the potential for in yourself. Superheroes are a reflection of who we want to become. Whatever impact we’ve had on the Superman mythos, it pales compared to the impact the fans of Superman across the globe have had on us. It’s what makes us believe there’s a more peaceful future out there. Being reminded of that every week for a decade has been a gift.”

Martin Campbell Not Planning On Returning To Direct Green Lantern  2

First Jon Favreau said he wouldn’ t direct Iron Man 3, and now Martin Campbell will not return for Green Lantern 2. What is the world coming too? We know the movie hasn’t started been released in theaters, but not coming back to a potentially huge film is almost suicidal in the film industry. In the July issue of Total Film,  Martin Campbell discusses why he wouldn’t return for any future installments of the Green Lanterns:

“Inevitably, chat turns to the possibility of follow-ups. Campbell admits it will be nice to have all the backstory and complicated rules of the character already taken care of. “This film has become the instruction manual if they do any further ones. It’s what we call pipe laying,” he says. Not that he has plans to return for a sequel – like Bond, he loves ’em and leaves ’em.”

For the full interview be sure to read the July issue of Total Film. As for Green Lantern, the film starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris and Mark Strong as Sinestro is set for theater release in 3D on June 17th.

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