Congratulations To Han and Leia: The Worst Couple in the Universe

Do you think Princess Leia gives two shits that hubby Han helped save the universe from the iron fist of the empire? Did she have any sympathy after he was frozen in carbonite? Is she impressed by his swagger? Nope! Princess of Alderaan is fairly abusive to the space bandit. Of course, underneath all that poise and shedded Chewbacca hair, Han is just as big of a jerk to Leia as he was to Greddo, sans shooting first.

Being the worst couple in the universe is a honor, not a great one, but an honor none the less. Taking the audio of an instructional video and blending some cleverly time edits  OneMinuteGalactica has turned this couple into the prime example of what not to do in an intergalatic relationship.

Always tell her she’s pretty even when she looks like Jabba’s ass

You’ll never see this happen to Luke Skywalker, his backhands make you forget everything. Lucky Jedi.

Via: Geek’s Are Sexy

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