Music Video: What Would Buffy Do?

When you are stuck in a hard situation, who do you turn to for guidance?

Personally, I turn to Hawkeye from The Avengers comic books, but people have a lot of other choices: Religious icons, comedians, actors, and even characters on a tv show.

And if you had to pick a character to base a philosophy around, Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is not a bad one to choose. She’s a strong and independent woman who makes mistakes, and learns from them with the help of her friends.

That i why I was very impressed with the music video created by the amazingly talented uber-geek Kristina Horner (who can be found on Twitter as @KristinaHorner) about what Buffy would teach your kids about bullying, smoking and generally improving themselves.

While the special effects leave something to be desired, it’s still a fun YouTube video that deserves a watch.

And plus, how can you get angry at Kristina’s pure awesomeness?


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