To celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers on Youtube, Brentalfloss has released a new With Lyrics video titled “Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics”. This homage to the ending of 80’s and 90’s videogames really sum up how much they blow!  The best lyric in the video that encompasses this idea is:

“Look at you kid, your thumbs are big and red, you smell like a taint, your goldfish is dead, so here’s your reward: Excessive amounts of names you can’t even pronounce!”

Just a scattered thought, but maybe the stream of Japanese names at the end were subliminal messages directed at the youth to keep buying the sequels and so on. If that’s the case, I didn’t get sucked in until I was 17 ‘cause I had no patience to finish after dying 15 times.

As someone who’s watched him perform live and watched his With Lyrics videos, I have to say the guy is a very entertaining lyricist.  My “Top Five”List for Brentalfloss are as follows (in no particular order):

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