Out of hundreds of potential candidates you get picked to defend your homes honor on live television, fighting each of your fellow contestants in a competition of smarts and strength. Not for fame or glory, but just to stay alive in the ‘Hunger Games’.

Eh, I liked better the first time, when it was ‘The Running Man’. I liked it even better when it was ‘Battle Royale’

From the best selling novel from Suzanne Collins and adapted into a live-action film by director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit) The Hunger Games has released it’s first promotional shot of star Jennifer Lawrence. Based on this first look from Entertainment Weekly (pictured above) Can this 20 year old known mainly for TV and her Oscar-nominated  role in Winter’s Bone pull off the look of heroine Katniss Everdeen?

I dunno, but as of right now I’m thinking some pretty deviant thoughts about Jennifer Lawrence’s forehead. The shine on that thing has entranced me. I’m not a proud man.

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