Mortal Kombat Legay Ep. 6 – Raiden

When you think of Raiden I’m sure the first thing that pops into mind is the mysterious man under the pyramid hat that managed to shoot electricity from his hands. But instead, we now have a man that uses large electrical charges to power up and can be brought down by shot of medicine to the neck. This humanized version of a man who is seen as the badass of thunder in MK can be quite a letdown for some fans, but I appreciate the path to keep a sense of realism/mysticism in the show.

Spoiler Alert:  The following crucial pieces of today’s episode from Kevin Tancharoen Mortal Kombat Legacy web series are located below so…READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

This episode of Raiden, as I said earlier, humanizes the character in a way that may seem dumb to some, or a wise take on his story to others. I find that the fight scenes were well scattered throughout this episode, we clearly understand he’s being wrongfully institutionalized, and we root for him to escape from that creepy doctor. (Quite dramatically I might add!) But despite this, there were major holes in the story that left me very confused. For a man who is gets so much energy from electricity it seems odd that a group of men, and a syringe could bring this guy down. Here is where the thought that maybe the type of drug administered (ketamine) really does come into play for those bitching about this shizz! Also, why the hell does him getting stabbed allow him to teleport out of that wretched place. I mean seriously…..Are you kidding me!?! Why didn’t he just kill himself sooner or something?  Finally, what the hell was up with Raiden and that chick? It seemed that she loved him or something. Maybe her only role in the episode was to help his escape, but I felt there was so much mystery to their friendship that it left me confused a bit. I mean how do they build a friendship when he’s seemingly in solitary confinement! Despite these issues I had, which were small in comparison to the delivery of the episode, the show was good to watch. But I’m sure everyone is just dying to see some SubZero and Scorpion action already!

Take a gander at Episode 6 and leave your thoughts or comments below.

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