Nerd Art Stock Pile? There’s a lot of nerd art on the net. Mostly it’s fan-fiction tentacle Pr0n, but hey we’re not complaining. We see so much neato art work on a daily basis, but for whatever reason they don’t make it to the front page of Nerd Bastards. We’re either lazy, or a piece of stand alone artwork isn’t enough to warrant a full post. Mostly we’re lazy. But, who are we to rob you of this net glory? We’re bastards but we’re not assholes. So here’s a roundup of the latest Nerd Art; intended for eye masturbation purposes.

I for one can never get enough of Disney Princess’s. When I was a kid, national geographic and Disney Princesses were the only fapping material at my disposal. I owe my sexual orientation to them. Sexifying them even more by depicting them as Fighting babes from something out of Mortal Kombat, I dunno if my penis can take the abuse.

thanks to artist Josh MC for giving me something I never knew I wanted.

HIT THE JUMP for, Video Game Character Alphabet, Lil’ Star Wars, Muppet X-Men and more nerdy art.

Here’s an alphabet of Video Game characters by artist Lishoffs (aka Fabian Gzlez). Like all of Lishoff’s (his name sounds dirty) minimalist work (also see his superheroes/supervillains ABC’s) he does so much with so little. Combining the characters in the English alphabet is not only cute, but it’s a fun way to remember the alphabet when you get pulled over for a DUI.

Can you name all the characters to their respective letter? I sure as hell did, but that’s ’cause I’m awesome!



HBO’s ‘A Game of Thrones’ is an adaptation of authors George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. While I prefer watching over reading, I would honestly buy and read the series solely based off the swift cover art from the Japanese manga editions.


The illustration above was created by Luca Lago and imagines a world where the characters from Star Wars enter the world of Batman. The Bat-Bat makes me giggle.



Speaking of Star Wars, aren’t isn’t this one-sheet of 65 Lil’ SW characters by mikeydoodles so fucking adorable?

To go along with the debut of the new Muppets movie poster, have a gander at this awesome pic featuring Animal and Beaker as two X-Men I think you might recognize. Art by deviantART user Rahzzah


Does Robin want to be Batman, or are his intentions more deviant? Either way, getting caught with a bat puppet is rather embarrassing.

Here’s a retro image of a couple on a train with Alien face huggers attached to their face. There isn’t a single part of this image that I don’t need to explain. However, I don’t remember face huggers having such massive balls.



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