What happens when you mix a trombone, salsa music, Darth Vader, and a Senior Citizen audience? The most hilarious, and dance inducing video I’ve ever been blessed to lay my eyes upon.  This Vader has mad skills! He can play with Vader mask on, and has some pretty flexible dance moves that had everyone screaming with joy and excitement. Vader’s charismatic serenade left my Hispanic heart aflutter, and made me smile! I’d have Hispanic Darth babies with him! But hey if you don’t get why I’m in such a good much watch the video for yourself. Those lucky senior citizens little got a spark of life from the dark side that day!  Shoot I’ll join the dark side….point me to an enlistment booth!

Once you watch the video leave your thoughts and comments below.  Whether you love it  or hate it, but please give the comment box love! Salsa Vader commands it!

source: geekologie

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