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Editor Note: NB contributor Veronique Medrano will be stopping by every Wednesday to give you bastards the word on the week in comics. Not only will she tell ya what are the good grabs for the week, but she’ll also keep you abreast of all the good stuff going around the comic-book water cooler (Industry news, major story lines, etc.). She has boobs and reads comics. What more do you need to know? -Luke

Hello comic book aficionados! Here is your insider comic book news for the week.

Frank Cho, the creator of much loved but infrequently published Liberty Meadows announced the return of a new issue before the end of the year.  Liberty Meadows, a story about an animal preserve with its voluptuous psychiatrist, went on hiatus in 2004, with only one publication since. With the animated project for Sony abandoned, the writer and artist will be hard at work on Liberty Meadows #38. Frank Cho expressed joy to the continuation of Liberty Meadows:

“I’m going to enjoy writing and drawing the next misadventures of Brandy and crew at Liberty Meadows with no suits looking over my shoulder telling me which market I should target.”

This is an exciting turn of events! Read full article on Comics Alliance.

After the loss of powers, Anya Corazon gets another chance to redeem herself during this summer’s Spider Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl miniseries. With the upcoming summer Spider-Man event that has all of Manhattan imbued with Spidey powers, Anya Corazon will get her powers back!  Even though its great she gets her powers back in this small stint, does this make her coming to grips with the loss of her powers in the Spider-Girl series worthless. Well Newsarama got the inside scoop from Paul Tobin, and he discussed how her lack of powers now affects how she’ll react when she has them again:

“Very exciting. Opens up other avenues to explore. It’s a different side of the same card, really. When Anya didn’t have powers, she had to discover what it meant to be a more-or-less regular girl that went out and fought crime. Now, in her suddenly changed life, she has to explore what it means to go home and be a regular person, after standing toe to toe with some awfully powerful people.”

Check out the full article on Newsarama, and tell us what you think about Spider-Girl’s comeback?

Now that we’re finished with a daily dose of news let’s take a look at the pulls for the week.

DC/Vertigo Pulls

Hellblazer #279

Our first DC pull of the week is Hellblazer #279 written by Peter Milligan with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini. Constantine may be new to the married life, but drama waits for no one to get adjusted.  So while his niece, Gemma, hatches a plan of demonic vengeance on her uncle, Constantine has to deal with his new wife’s terrible secret, and adjusting to his new thumb. The honeymoon sure is over!

Superman/Batman #84

Second DC pull of the week is Superman/Batman #84 written by Cullen Bunn with art by Chris Cross. Batman’s cynicism and Superman optimism go head to head in today’s sun shattering conclusion of the “Sorcerer Kings” arc. While Superman tries to help the JLA of the future prevent Morgaine le Fey from traveling to the our era and destroy the sun, Batman insists you can’t change the past.  So…since Batman’s “always” right, I guess the past is totally screwed! Can Superman proved the caped crusader wrong or will Batman be big headed about his assertion coming to fruition in the dark?

Supergirl #64

Third main pull of the week is Supergirl #64 written by James Peaty with art by Bernard Chang. This issue’s vicious conclusion of the “Good-Looking Corpse” arc will leave reading the pages faster than you can turn them. With the identity of the villainous Alex revealed, we watch as he takes over the minds of Miss Martian, Robin, and Blue Beetle. His first order of action is: “Destroy Supergirl by any means necessary!” What do you think about the Supergirl series, and do you think she’ll be able to fight her newly made frienemies?

Other Pulls:

Batman #710 -Two-Face is back! But he along with other Gotham City crimelords are hunted down for extermination and it gets worse when Batman discovers “Cat Girl” is next on the hit list!

DMZ #65 -The “Free States Rising” arc concludes with a final battle for the city of Manhattan, and the fate of the entire country.

PowerGirl #24 -As Karen Starr makes big plans for Starrware with Bruce Wayne, a “terrorist” whose crossed paths with Powergirl before plans to endanger Gotham City.

Marvel Pulls

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158

The first Marvel pull for the week is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mark Bagley. “Death of Spider-Man” is a fitting title for the arc, which has the Sinister Six determined to have Spidey “six feet under”. But with the chaos surrounding him, will be able to find and protect Aunt May or Mary Jane before they become casualties as well. What do you think of the series so far?

Silver Surfer #4

Second Marvel pull for the week is Silver Surfer #4 written by Greg Pak with art by Harvey Tolibao. In what IGN calls “quite the Silver Surfer Epic” this issue has FF’s Future Foundation and Surfer joining up to fight against the High Evolutionary’s. It also marks as the penultimate issue, before the finale, where the Silver Surfer will make the greatest sacrifice. Has this comic changed your view of the Silver Surfer?

Hulk #33

Third main pull of the week is Hulk #33 written by Jeff Parker with art and cover by Gabriel Hardman V. Red Hulk is at his most vulnerable after sleepless weeks on edge, and this is perfect timing for two new nightmarish villains to stage an attack. But with the world-ender THE OMEGEX headed his way, s**t is really gonna hit the fan! Check out the book CBR says “continues to impress”.

Other Pulls:

Invincible Iron Man #504 -Fear Itself delves deeper into the City of Lights! Iron Man races to Paris, France, only to have a fight date with ‘The Worthy’.

Thunderbolts #157 -Satan’s daughter will lead The Thunderbolts into the Occult, while in the states Songbird takes the next Thunderbolts crew on a team building outing.

Sigil #3 -The El Cazador and the Red Harvest race to find a buried treasure that could be a millennia-old secret weapon.

Independent Pulls

Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #2

The first Independent pull for the week is Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #2 written by Matt Sturges with art by Kelly Yates. Would you rather have an ugly reality or beautiful fantasy? Well, the Doctor is forced to confront this question head on as they interact in a medieval fantasy world where Amy is unhappily cast as a damsel in distress.

The Green Hornet Aftermath #2

The second pull for the week is The Green Hornet Aftermath written by Jai Nitz with art and cover by Nigel Raynor. We come upon Green Hornet and Kato dodging the cops and the feds with a million dollar price on their heads. All the while, a new masked duo makes a violent entrance on the streets. Can Hornet and Kato clear their names before they go to the slammer and have to worry about dropping the soap?

Star Wars: Jedi- The Darkside #1

The final pull for the week is Star Wars: Jedi- The Darkside #1 written by  Greg Pak with art by Harvey TolibaoIf you felt jipped on Qui-Gon Jinn love with his premature death in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, than be satisfied once and for all! This comic starts off twenty- one years before the events of Star Wars: Episode I with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is sent to prevent the threat of civil war. This mission will put him in close contact with the dark side, and send him on a quest which will greatly impact the Jedi Order.


Other Pulls:

Vampirella and The Scarlet Legion #1 -Sexy lady is back, and as a push to resurrect the foulest demons from the pit, Vampirella encounters The Scarlet Legion. Will they see her as friend or foe?

28 Days Later #23 -Finally in London! Clint and Selena are driven apart by Selena’s past, and the “peace” created by the military slowly crumbles.

Jughead #207 -Being the mooch that he is, Jughead moves in with Archie and take over Mr. Andrews favorite chair, and freezer.  But, he can’t escape the problems that made him leave home in the first place!

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