Have you played Portal 2? And if so, did you notice any insensitivity within the game?

The game is rated “E” for everybody and lists itself as educational by its creator Valve, but a brief moment in the game put shocked a father so much that he had to shut off the game immediately.

A character in the game makes some jokes about being adopted and the father, who has an adoptive daughter, thought it was extremely harsh to single-out adopted children and their parents.

Personally, I absolutely loved the game (read my review here) while I can see his argument, I think it is taking it a bit too far. It is a game, and should be treated as such, not as a fact. If she thinks that is true, what about homicidal robots, portal guns and magical goo’s?

Check it out, and let us know what you think: Is the father’s argument valid or is he making mountains out of molehills?

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