When there’s something strange in the neighbourhood who you gonna call…someone else if this travesty comes true. A building that has not only survived it’s age but acted as the fictional home base to the Ghostbusters in New york city is facing a threat worse then getting covered in marshmallow fluff.

The functional hook and ladder company for many years and first to respond during the September 11 attacks, will suffer a fate of the times:

Budget cuts!

OK, maybe it’s not a spook, specter or ghost that bringing down New York’s finest paranormal firehouse, but it still hurts worse than waiting for Bill Murray to finish reading the Ghostbusters 3 script. Hopefully someone or some organization will purchase this landmark of nerd culture and transform it into something that’ll become a special place for future ghost busting fans for years to come.

As soon as this goes for sale and you have the money please buy it, the Statue of Liberty will thank you. She’ll even let you use the Nintendo.

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