What’s up with these online “3-D trailers”? This week Transformers: Dark of The Moon and Green Lantern released “3-D” trailers, and while one of them flopped the other gave us more to be excited about!  If you went and watched the Transformer’s 3-D trailer, and grabbed your hidden pair of “3-D” specs to see if you could watch it, you’ll be as disappointed as I was. The trailer, which is one we’ve seen on TV, in movie theaters, and online, is the same hullaballoo you’ve been watching for a while now. It was just disappointing and grainy.

Green Lantern on the other hand really surprised me! In the first minute and a half we are given a detailed and stunning view on the history of the Oa, the Green Lanterns Corp, and a couple of scenes from the induction of the first human Lantern. I give movie great props for changing my mind on the worthiness of this movie.

There are so many superhero films and while some have fallen flat on their faces, others have risen to the challenge. After today’s not so “3-D” looking commercial I can say, that the whole cheesy-romantic comedy feel of the movie has changed for me.

Awesome Taco Results for these two trailers are as follows:

Green Lantern gets  4 ½ out of five awesome tacos for its trailer, while Transformers got 1 ½ awesome tacos out of five!

Transformers 3D Trailer:

Green Lantern 3D Trailer:

Leave your thoughts and comments below, ‘cause you know you want some of this awesome Tacoeey Goodness!


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