More ‘Hunger Games’ Casting News

The Hunger Games casting moved forward again today with the casting of Portia and Octavia. The respective roles will be played by Latarsha Rose andBrooke Bundy.

Portia is Peeta’s (Josh Hutcherson) stylist and Octavia is a member of Katniss’s (Jennifer Lawrence) prep team. A Tribute is assigned a team of makeup and stylist experts when picked for the Hunger Games. So the Tribute looks good before they’re brutally murdered for District One’s entertainment. In the novels these teams – especially for the two leads – have significance both in the plot and as a commentary on the economic and lifestyle disparity between District One ( The Capitol) and the other poorer, enslaved districts.

The casting was announced on the LionsGate Twitter, where they have been officially announcing all of The Hunger Games casting and more.

Neither actress has any big roles but Rose has played bit parts on Law and Order, CSI: Miami and Bones. Bundy hasn’t been in anything national so Lionsgate is continuing their casting of mostly unknowns for the bulk of The Hunger Games roles.

There are two major roles still up for grabs and a few important supporting roles, like these two. The role of the villainous District One, President Snow should be announced last and Cinna, Katniss’ stylist (a very important role in the books) will most likely be played by Lenny Kravitz, one of The Hunger Games hotest remaining rumors.

Is everyone ready to get thrown in the Hunger Games? Fight or Die!

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