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Every Monday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at nerdybits@nerdbastards.com.

Our first Nerdy Bit is sad news for us all. Looks like the rapture wasn’t a a complete pile of crap. Besides Randy Savage another was taken from us, legendary comic book writer/artist, Frank Miller (pictured above). His partney Kimberly Cox tweeted,

I went to check on Frank and he was happily inking at his drawing table around 5:45… I came back after 6 PM and I don’t understand? Why?


Also in this weeks edition: Just who directed the post-credits bit of Thor?, mod your life with a Millennium Falcon Xbox and Tron lightcycle PC, Ian Mckellan caught playing with himself, Game of Thrones Throne-opoly, The Walking Dead the board game, Pikathulu, play Call of Duty: Black Ops with Samuel L. Jackson, Nerd Lattes, take the Z-SAT – survive the zombocalypse, Universal Studios revamping their Spidey ride, WALL-E is real!, amazing and creepy life-like animation, Boba Fett Tiffany lamp, new Transformers Bumblebee poster, 7 Bizarre Early Versions of Famous Cartoon Characters, Vader with boobs, SNES urinal, super hero bridesmaids, Mortal Kombat theme on an accordion, Periodic Table of Storytelling, It’s A (mouse) Trap!

Want to know why that final, post-credit scene in Thor was seemed so familiar? Why did it feel like so many cryptic, underground secrecy scenes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Oh, because Joss Whedon directed it not Kenneth Branagh. Read more at Screen Rant, but be aware it contains spoilers.


This isn’t a mere Millennium Falcon model. Oh no, it’s much more. It’s an Xbox 360. No, really. Don’t believe me? Click here for more photographic and video proof. (Fanboy)


This is the perfect companion to your Millennium Falcon Xbox, a TRON lightcycle PC! (TDW)


Image of the Day: Ian McKellen + 2 Gandalf action figures = awesome

Oh Ian McKellan, you are just the coolest wizard with control over the the power of magnetism ever. Here he is playing with himself. Oh wait, that didn’t sound right. (Blastr)


What could possible make Monopoly cooler? Only combining it with the phenomenal book series and now hit televisions series, A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones. Yup, the folks over at io9 really won with this. Now the struggle for power in Westeros really gets messy. Head to io9 to see sample Chance and Community Chest cards as well as player pieces.

So while io9’s homemade Throne-opoly is freakin’ sweet this official Walking Dead board game is even awesomer.

You’ll be able to get your fix of Rick Grimes and the rest of the zombie-fearing survivors this summer, thanks to a new game based on the hit series. The Walking Dead board game will hit shelves in late summer 2011, and will sell for $39.99.

(MTV’s SplashPage)


If they end of days is truly near I want it to come in the shape of tentacled, cuddly oppressor. Preferably one I can capture in a poke-ball and claim as my own. I choose you Pikathulu! (Neatorama)


You know who would the be the best person to play Call of Duty: Black Ops with? Samuel L. Jackson. But if you can’t get the real mother fucker, a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard works nicely too. (TDW)


Fancy coffee never looked so worthy of being over-priced. (GeeksAreSexy)


Think you have what it takes to survive the eventual zombie apocalypse? Take the Z-SAT to learn for sure. (NerdApproved)


If you pass the Z-SAT you’ll need to properly equip yourself. Take this handy map of the mall from Dawn of the Dead. I’m sure it’ll be useful in plenty of roaming undead situations. (io9)


You also might be interested in this table. Useful for emergencies, and lumberjack stylish all the time. (NerdApproved)


Universal Studios is planning to revamp their current Spider-man ride and are bringing in a new attraction based on Despicable Me.

  • Despicable Me 3D experience will replace the Jimmy Neutron attraction at Universal Studios Florida in 2012.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will be fitted with all-new digital animation done in 4K high definition.

Awesome yes, but all I can think about is the new Star Tours, better luck next time Universal. (/Film)


Who didn’t want their own WALL-E after watching the incredible Pixar movie? We all want a WALL-E to clean up after us, it’s waaaaay cooler than a Roomba. But no one wanted one as badly as Thechoozen from Germany. Watch the vid to see his homemade WALL-E in action. (TDW)


Animation has truly made some impressive leaps forward in our lifetimes but it finally might have mastered true human feature replication. Check out this video from Janimation, it’s incredible! Watch the expressions change from “angry” to “surprised”, it’s creepily realistic, all the way down to the wrinkles! (GeekOSystem)


Have you ever seen anything so beautiful!? This Boba Fett Tiffany lamp is the perfect accessory for the home of the Star Wars nerd who understands his love of that galaxy, far, far away doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate fine housewares. (NerdApproved)


A new Transformers: Dark of the Moon poster has been released. This on featuring Bumblebee looking absolutely no different than the last two movies. But does anyone else think the placement of his license plate is unfortunate? (ComicBookMovie)

Cracked.com has another great list that will warp your childhood reality. Turns out a lot of our favorite cartoon characters had sinister beginnings. Did you know Kermit the Frog used to kill people? Seriously! Read 7 Bizarre Early Versions of Famous Cartoon Characters here.

The ultimate nerd fantasy. Take something or someone that scared the shit out of you as a child. Add boobs. (ObviousWinner)



I would feel a little blasphemous peeing on classic SNES games, but as a girl I can’t really grasp the fun of having directional control of my urine. So maybe I’m missing something. (Geekologie)

Bridesmaids of the Day

These girls know how to do a super hero themed wedding the classy way! Only disappointment is the men didn’t dress to match, way to drop the ball, dudes. (TDW)


Accordions are the nerdy musical instrument of choice, so of course video game tunes were made to be heard all accordion-like. Could this be the future of all gaming music? (TDW)


Got a few hours to kill, then take a lookie at the Periodic Table of Geek Story Telling. It’s emgrossing. And fascinating. How you build the compound of your favorite television show? (TheMarySue)

I think you can insert your own glaringly-obvious comment here. (ObviousWinner)

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