Nothing like waking up on a Monday morning to find some refreshing video game news.

First up, in an interview from The Sun Herald newspaper, Rocksteady developer Dax Ginn revealed that The Penguin would be one of the villains showing up in Batman: Arkham City. Ginn stated that the Penguin will be portrayed more brutal and nasty then his usual aristocratic portrayal.

Next up is news regarding the classic car combat franchise, Carmaggedon. It seems that during the weekend, revealed a countdown and nothing more. Of course, this being the internet, nothing gets to stay as a secret forever.  Apparently some independent benefactor has bought the rights to the game from Square-Enix and that Stainless Games, the original developers, are busy with other franchise and won’t be part of the reboot. The countdown is set to hit zero on June 1st, 5 A.M. EST and hopefully more will be revealed then.

Lastly, we finally got some gameplay footage for the upcoming open world zombie killing game, Dead Island. As Games Radar says, the game seems to be a nice mix of zombies in a Far Cry 2-esque world. The 11 minute, yes 11 minutes, of gameplay shows how tight the melee combat is and hopefully we see more at E3.


There you have it folks, did any of these videogame news make your Monday just a bit better or are you still rolling your eyes at the day?

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