One thing the Marvel movies always do right is their winks and nods to other films in the franchise. The films tied into The Avengers have been loaded with cameos and clues leading up to the colossal team up and the X-Men movies have been no different. Well, today we got the news of a huge cameo spoiler for the upcoming X-Men: First Class. Honestly, after reading it in order to write this article, I was a little upset with myself. I can’t say no to spoilers and I normally read a dozen or so before any new film but even this one had me kicking myself. This would be a great one to be surprised with in the theatre.

So take this as a warning, only if you are a serious spoiler buff and don’t give a damn about finding out anything that happens in First Class before June 3rd, read on.

Okay, the super spoiler. The blog we got the information from didn’t even want us to link back to them as a source, so, you know, take that into consideration. And since I really don’t want to spoil anyone unnecessarily I’m going to include the info in text you’ll need to highlight to read,

Half way through X-Men: First Class, as Professor X and Magneto are travelling the world looking for mutants, they come across Wolv-erine, played by HughJackman, in a bar. Before they can get a sentence out, Wolv-erine, without looking at them tells them to “Go fuck yourselves.” They leave.

The character’s appearance gets a laugh, his attitude and language gets a double laugh, repeating on itself, through the audience. It’s a superb scene, well played, well staged, well placed. And it’s the only moment such language is used in the entire film. We loved it.

Awesome, right?! It in no ways affects the story and it is a cameo, meaning it’s short, but very cool. Something to look for, but I can’t expect anyone to miss it. But, umm, share this at your own risk, a lot of people wouldn’t want to know.

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