George Lucas loves to meddle with his movies. They’re his movies, he can do what he likes with them and I think long ago he stopped caring about how much we fans will bitch and moan. He’s learned that no matter what we’ll line up and shell out the cash for another chance to see Star Wars on the big screen. Which is exactly what I, and I’m sure just about every other Star Wars fan, will do when Episode 1: The Phantom Menace returns to theatres February 10th in glorious 3D.

In a recent interview on Attack of the Show, Lucas talked about why his 3D conversion technology is better than what we’ve seen in theatres up till now. Which I’m glad to hear, because current post-converted 3D flicks are shit. Everything exists in only three planes and objects look like cutouts jutting off the screen. Basically, why his conversion tech will look better is because he’s involved creative people who were on set when the Star Wars films were originally filmed. It sounds like a solid theory, but I’ll just let George explain,

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Okay, he makes a lot of good points. Taking a more creative approach to the process rather than converting it as quickly as possible in order to make an extra buck should produce a better 3D effect. But we’ll have to wait until February to know for sure. Lucas also talked about why we haven’t heard any news about his live-action Star Wars television series. It boils down to money. Right now to make the series the way he wants it would be waaaay to costly for television. The good news is they’re working on innovative new tech that could change the cost drastically. Like, $200 million to $50 million drastically. Assuming this would be technology that one day would become available for the masses this is exciting news for independent filmmakers. Just think how great fan films could look if they has top notch tech available to them for a fraction of the cost!

So there’s your wrap-up of what George Lucas has been busying himself with, the live-action Star Wars series is shelved until further notice but Star Wars in 3D should look fantastic. Now, if he only understood the meaning of the word prequel, maybe he wouldn’t have started released his 3D converted Star Wars films with Episode 1. But that’s a rant which could fill a hundred pages, and should be left for another day.

Has Lucas convinced you to come out for Star Wars in 3D? And are you bummed about not seeing the live-action series for while?

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