Nerd Art Stock Pile? There’s a lot of nerd art on the net. Mostly it’s fan-fiction tentacle Pr0n, but hey we’re not complaining. We see so much neato art work on a daily basis, but for whatever reason they don’t make it to the front page of Nerd Bastards. We’re either lazy, or a piece of stand alone artwork isn’t enough to warrant a full post. Mostly we’re lazy. But, who are we to rob you of this net glory? We’re bastards but we’re not assholes. So here’s a roundup of the latest Nerd Art; intended for eye masturbation purposes.

Hungarian illustrator Szoki created a triptych (apparently that means art inspired by altar paintings from the middle ages) poster collection of everyone’s favorite Star Wars Cantina aliens.

They’re nifty and all, but why is Greedo called by his name, yet the others are called by their species? That’s almost like saying “This is Rick, Black, and Mexican.” Racist!



Darick Maasen

Nick Francel

Chris Hodge

I gotta thank Comicalliance for sending me off to The Molded Heroes gallery. It’s an online store featuring art prints inspired by toys, from artists like Darick Maasen, Nick Francel, and Chris Hodge. My wall is not complete until I have that print of Cobra Commander with snakes bursting out of his face

Dude, I’m not gonna tell you awesome ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ is. I’ll let this poster from Rhys Cooper do the talking for me. It totally captures the humor, horror and oozing machismo from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic.

Sign up to mailing list to be notified when 18×24 prints become available for purchase. Bonus, the ink in the blood spattered variant will actually contain traces of Coopers own blood. That’s gross and cool at the same time.


Benjamin F. Guy captures the dreams of many a kid by painting pictures of them wearing oversized helmets from classic sci-fi movies and TV shows. Yea, it’s neat and everything but I think Chris Hanson from Dateline might want to have a word with him.


Oh, are we taking acid now. Is that what we’re doing. OK. Seriously, artist Ewen Stenhau must have been trippin his balls off when conceptualizing this He-Man meat piece (as I like to call it) and whatever hell this super hero compilation is.I dunno what the da fuck they are supposed to mean, all I know is that his stuff reminds me of the misadventures of flapjack.


While the rest of us are sticking Crayons up our noses, eating them and doing everything but color with them, artist Steve Thompson is sculpting really detailed Star Wars penis heads on them. Fuck, now I’m even more compelled to stick them up my nose. BTW what kinda fucking Crayons are these? I never had Crayons in which the wrapper never matched the color.


Oddly, the one thing that Star Wars doesn’t have is clever branding and attractive logos and snappy slogans. Graphic artist Barn Bocock (hehe…Bocock) of How to Carve Roast Unicorn wanted to change this, and reimagined modern corporate logos to include elements from that great sci-fi fantasy adventure.

This is intergalactic networking at it’s finest.


Rounding out the quartet of Star Wars Art, we have the ever so fun and cuddly SW water color and pencil illustrations by from artist Scott Morse. I’m gonna let Scott’s captions do the selling for me. They’re just so damn cute.


Over on the far side of Hoth there lived another Wampa, who discovered one of the other Imperial Probe Droids, and it was love at first sight. I like thinking of this guy as a kind of snowy Totoro. The probot doesn’t like the thought of him at all.


One of my favorite things about Chewie is how articulate his is with huge hairy mitts. I figure he was into model building as a hobby, especially being first mate and all. He’d set up little scenes and figure out the best moves.

The Autumn Society & Brave New Worlds Comics have joined forces for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art show “Shell Shock.”

Please join us in celebration to these heroes in a half shell that made our childhoods and the past 25+ years radical! Not only will the event be filled with most outstanding TMNT art, but we will be visited by Brittney Schneck’s TURTLE VAN!!! Other super-rad surprises are planned as well.

You can most certainly bet Artist Dave Rapoza radically real TMNT renders will be featured at ‘Shell-Shock’. Basically, he took the early 90’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and put a whole Christopher Nolan, dark, gritty twist to it. Each piece is as gorgeous as it is terrifying. Casey Jones is FUCKING AWESOME!


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