‘The Wolverine’ Director Short List

First off, I’m damn happy that there’s going to be another Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie in the near future. After the misfire that was X-men Origins: Wolverine, another Wolverine movie may be able to redeem the franchise. Sadly with Darren Aronofsky stepping down from the film because of his unwillingness to be in Japan for a year that leaves an opening in the director’s chair. With so many fantastic directors to invite into the mix just who will be spilling blood with adamantium claws?

The short list varies from the top of the pile to the bottom of the barrel in talent, but this is the final list of who we might see. In short we might see Jose PadilhaDoug Liman, Antoine Fuqua, Justin Lin, James Mangold, Gary ShoreGavin O’Connor and Mark Romanek. As for what FOX wants, it’s anything goes with them. The list will most certainly shorten in the next few weeks. Padilha is currently working on a rebooted RoboCop and has also been attached to a another film, Tri-Border, which tightens his belt up quite a bit.  Justin Lin is going to have some free time after Terminator 5 fell through thanks to Arnie and his new found habit of playing behind his wife’s back.

James Mangold and Gavin O’Connor might be a more unlikely choice in this situation, but James would be a better overall pick for the role. Anotine Fuqua comes nowhere near being a good choice right now, but Gary Shore might be a good choice. His stunning and beautiful cinematic ‘Wolverine vs. The Hand‘ short caught some attention. As for Mark Romanek, if he can blend the action with some well placed dramatic moments he may be calling action for the next year of his life.

The final call does go to the figureheads at Fox though and we’re going to have to like it or bitch incessantly online. Everything should be sorted out in the next few weeks, so start placing your bets on who’s going to directing Hugh Jackman in Japan. I hear Romanek is getting 10-1 odds on getting hired.

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