This Week in Comics 05/25/11

Hello comic book aficionados! Here is your insider comic book news for the week.

Whispers are circling around the nerdy water coolers  over Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s disclosed announcement set for June 11th, at a Hero Complex sponsored film festival. Bleeding Cool has reported that they, “will be holding a panel on the Saturday, and Hero Complex announces they will be making major DC comics announcements, including the future of the entire DC Universe and especially Superman.” Does this make everyone more curious about what the hell their announcement is? Heck Yeah! But, for now we sit and wait patiently for someone to slip some info so we can tell you first!

Now with this bit of news, the next one I’m about to lay on you may seem like coincidence, but I highly doubt it. Yesterday Comics Alliance reported that DC and Marvel both lost their Digital Comics Executives, and here is the quoted scoop:

“ DC Comics’ former head of digital content, Ron Perazza, is now ideally positioned to replace Marvel’s outgoing head of digital content, Ira Rubenstein. The latter has resigned to take a position at Fox, while the former declined a recent promotion and a move to Los Angeles to remain in New York City, where Marvel is based.”

Hmmm, Sir Perazza you seem to be getting ready to jump the DC ship, but why? With sales in electronic books outselling print books, what business strategy is Marvel setting up. DC does not have the luxury during these economic times to have a vacancy in positions. For the rest of the story, check out Comics Alliance full article.

The co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman, finds himself in a predicament. Work-for hire. After selling his interest in TMNT to MTV, he is co-writing the new comic book series due to release from IDW in August. Just ‘cause he co-created doesn’t mean he can’t get fired. If an editor doesn’t like something, they can send him back to the drawing board, and jump a bunch of hoops. But I guess that’s what you get for letting a good thing slip through your fingers , you gotta work like hell to get it back.

To end our news I leave you with an announcement you can either love or hate. Yen Press has announced, that after the success of Twilight: The Graphic Novel Adaptation Vol.1 they plan to release the second volume October 11. They plan to have 350,000 copies of Vol.2 available for its first run, compared to Vol.1 which had 60,000 copies sold in one week. So, for all the Twilight fans out there, make sure to mark your calendar for the release of the second volume.

Now that we’re finished with a daily dose of news let’s take a look at the pulls for the week.

DC/Vertigo Pulls

Action Comics #901

First main DC pull for the week is Action Comics #901 written by Paul Cornell with art and cover by  Kenneth Rocafort. They say that if you want to see how it’s like for someone else live a day in their shoes. Well, I’m pretty positive that Superman doesn’t have four pairs of shoes. Doomsday is back, and opening a can of whoop a** on anyone who gets in his way. So, will Superman be able to save the heroes who tried to take his place and the world from “The Reign of Doomsday” or all they all DOOMED!

Green Lantern #66

Second pull of the week is Green Lantern #66 written be Geoff Johns with art by Doug Mahnke and Christian Almay. “War of the Green Lanterns” takes a toll and Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner continue to fight against their fellow Lanterns. It’s like the Civil War all over again. Brother against Brother. Friend against Friend. How will the new Lanterns deal with the increasing carnage?

Gotham City Sirens #23

Final DC Main comic pull is Gotham City Sirens #23 written by Peter Calloway with art by Andres Guinaldo and Lorenzo Ruggiero. The cover art says it all. Harley is crazy for her man! So while Harley breaks the Joker out of Arkham, Cat Woman and Poison Ivy are going to have to put aside their petty squabbles and save Harley from herself. What are your thoughts on Harley’s tumultuous relationship? Will she finally get what’s coming to her or will her butt be saved once again?

Other Pulls:

Detective Comics#877 -The mystery of woman trapped in the belly of Shamu continues, and the villains are close on the Bat’s cowl tails.

Xombi #3 -Someone that can’t die vs. something that likes to destroy have to equal one bada** fight! Place your bets wisely on who you think will win.

Green Arrow #12 -The epilogue for Star City and its forest start in this issue as we find out the bigger plans for the mysterious savior of Brightest Day, Galahad, and The Demon.

American Vampire #15 -The secret vampire war of the pacific rages on as Pearl sets out on a perilous journey , and Henry and his lost unit fight for their lives against a new strain of vampire.

Marvel Pulls

Uncanny X-Men #537

First Main Marvel pull for the week is Uncanny X-Men #537 written by Kieron Gillen with art by Terry Dodson. Someone is gonna get shanked, and no one is even in prison. Mix one vengeful alien with a knife and add sleeping mutants. You got yourself one blood bath finale for the “Breaking Point” arc. Why the most powerful mutants on Earth would go with a psycho alien I don’t know? Who do you think will live or die by the end of this?

Venom #3

Second pull of the week is Venom #3 written by Rick Remender with art by Tom Fowler.He’s out of control. Flash has lost control of the symbiote, and with armies trigger happy finger on the self destruct button he’d better get his poop in a group quick. Can Flash gain control before Jack O’ Lantern and his boss before they flood the black market with a dangerous substance?

FF #4

Final Marvel pull is FF#4 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Steve Epting. The War of Four Cities has finally come, and the FF gang steps in to try and quell the amount of death and destruction that is threatening to spread all over the globe.  Pent up aggression is apparent when The Thing is looking like a WWE fighter with the car above his head!

Other Pulls:

Captain America #618 – Steve Rodgers uncover the conspiracies behind his ex-partner, while Bucky Barnes is fighting for his life against some angry Russians.

Iron Man 2.0 #5 -One of the major villains of Fear Itself shows up and is ready to wreak havoc!

Wolverine #9 -To figure out what villain sent him to hell, Wolverine will have to turn Mystique for answers. But, Mystique is busy with the assassin Lord Deathstrik so he’ll have to leave a message after the beep.

Spider-Girl #7 -With a secret organization on her tail and ready to strike, Spider-Girl’s identity could be at risk.

Independent Pulls

Walking Dead #85

First Main Independent pull for the week is Walking Dead #85 written by Robert Kirkman with art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. Death is everywhere! With zombie bodies to burn we find out who the casualty in the attack was, and we find out if Carl will live or die. Can hope truly be built with the carnage and death that surrounds them or are they fighting a losing battle?

Suicide Girls #2

Second Independent pull is Suicide Girls #2 written by Brea Grant with art by David Hahn and Cameron Stewart. These sexy ladies come back for round two as they try to get Frank to join their organization, but Sana has a suspicion that Frank is hiding something and is determined to find out what before they can have a chance at fighting Autocorpe. What do you think of the ladies so far? Is this  a bag or discard type of comic?

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #5

Our final Main Independent pull for the is Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #5 written by Haden Blackman with art by Rick Leonardi. This is the finale issue for Vader, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Darkside will rise on top when the battle is through. The battle with the insurgents will finally clear up the mystery of Moff Tarkin’s son, and you want to miss the darkest Lord Sith kick some butt and take names with “force” chokeholds.

Other Pulls:

True Blood: Tainted Love #4 -While Eric and Sookie go to the True Blood plant, Jessica pulls a psycho Carrie moment at the local Prom!

Futurama Comics #55 -For fear that the Planet Express will crash Leela, Fry, and Bender each take an escape pod only to embark on an adventure in their particular dimension.

Kato Origins #9 -The mystery of the dead businessman continues, but how do you uncover a culprit when everyone hides secrets worse than murder?


Leave your thoughts and comments about what comics you like, dislike, hopeful, or disappointed with in the box below.


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