First Clip of Kilowog Kicking Poozer Butt

The character most fans cannot wait to see come to life on screen in Green Lantern isn’t Hal Jordan or the Guardians or Abin Sur, it’s Kilowog. And, he’s being voiced by the incredible, Michael Clarke Duncan. Honestly, could they’re have been another choice for Kilowog? On a recent Attack of the Show, Duncan shared the first clip of himself training poozers, in this case Ryan Reynolds,

What a badass. If this movie fails in every other way, I have faith we’ll still come away loving, Kilowog. Also in this clip is another chance to see what the Lantern’s constructs look like. While I think it’s weird they all have a shiny, smoky effect I’m hoping in the universe of the film it looks right. Comparing them with my memory of comic book illustrations and cartoons, it still kind of looks funny, but I really want the movie to prove me wrong.

(Isn’t Michael Clarke Duncan awesome and adorable?!)

Green Lantern opens June 17th, and fellow DC fans, wouldn’t it be great if the only DC flick out this summer whooped the collective ass of Thor, Captain America and the X-Men?

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