Movie studios do this type of thing all the time, they start filming with everyone under the assumption that the script is good enough and change it last minute. It’s a nice little insurance policy in case someone in studio decides to leak the script to news hungry nerds around the net. The script, written by Billy Ray, has been considered not up to snuff by director Gary Ross. Usually this is done before a movie even begins filming but this decision was made right in the middle of production!

This doesn’t halt any filming of the movie as production began earlier this month in North Carolina, all Gary did was pull out his plan B. This doesn’t mean he cracked open a bottle scotch and hoped for the best, Gary is relying on a new draft written in Collaboration between himself and the creator/author of the book , Suzanne Collins. This draft of The Hunger Games will naturally stick closer to the original story written by Suzanne while keeping pace with Gary’s direction for the film.

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In a double whammy of last minute input, 3 more actors have been hired for secondary (but just as important) roles in The Hunger Games. Amber Chaney, Kimiko Gelman and Nelson Ascencio have been added to an already impressive cast that includes the likes of Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson. The casting is as follows:

Amber Chaney will play Lavinia. The Capitol servant for Katniss. Lavinia has dark red hair, striking features, and porcelain white skin. As an Avox, she is of Panem’s lowest social class; even below those from the Seam, her tongue was cut out and she is therefore mute. She is also subject to a lifetime of servitude to the Capitol.

Kimiko Gelman will play Venia. She worked in the prep team on Katniss Everdeen under the lead of the head stylist, Cinna played by musician Lenny Kravitz. Venia seems to be the strongest of Katniss’ prep team, left to work on Katniss alone before the 75th Games when the rest of her team succumb to their despondency at her once again being thrust into the arena.

Nelson Ascenciowill play Flavious. He is the only male in Katniss Everdeen`s prep team. However, he seems to be soft, like most Capitol residents. He’s portrayed as having orange corkscrew locks and wears purple lipstick.

The Hunger Games will be released on the big screen March 23, 2012. It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz and Woody Harrelson.

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