The Old Spice Man really, really, really wants to be Luke Cage!

Isiah Mustafa, who charmed his way into our lives with his antics as the spokesperson for Old Spice, has been campaigning for a while to be considered for the role of Luke Cage, a Marvel comics superhero. So much so that he’s already met with Marvel expressing his interest and even (apparently) produced a trailer for the film himself.It is not known how the trailer came into being just yet, but I think it is fairly safe to say that he had a big hand in making it happen.

The trailer itself isn’t bad, but I could definitely see him in the role. He has the self-confident attitude down, but needs to pack on more muscle, as he is a big friggin dude in the comics.

Luke Cage, also called Power Man, was one of the first black heroes to get his own book. His story is pretty simple: He was wrongly imprisoned as a kid, and underwent an experimental treatment to secure early parole. The treatment was meant to create full immunity to illness, and it did just that and more! The treatments enhanced his strength, musculature, and made his skin almost impervious.. He then became a private “street level” detective, usually helping the people in his neighborhood.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think of Isiah Mustafa being Luke Cage!

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