Superman, one of the most recognizable comic book heroes ever, has had many enemies over the years. And yet, only one ever came close enough to actually beating him: A creature created for that purpose, known only as Doomsday.

That epic battle is one of the best-written storylines ever, and one of the few I can still remember reading all those years ago. And, as a Marvel fan, that’s pretty big.

However, no film or tv show has really captured what Superman fighting Doomsday means. Smallville built him up, but was ultimately a big let down. Most other variation has been less than stellar as well.

That’s why when YouTube user kashchei2003 created his homage to it, and how it should be done, I was very impressed! His original film, Superman: Doomsday, was extremely well done and can be viewed here.

His sequel is even better, dealing with the loss of one of DC‘s greatest heroes and how that one change can affect everything else. The creator said:

Superman Doomsday short fan film part 2 — Funeral For a Friend. Keeping in tone with part 1, the dialogue is minimal as I am trying to tell the story through images and music almost like a “silent movie”.

In this quick chapter, I wanted to dramatically slow down the pace and focus on people close to Superman while experiencing the funeral from their POV. I wanted to separate this from other massive scale funeral vids with tons of cameos by keeping it smaller and more intimate. I also wanted to touch on the relationships between the core three members of the Justice League because in my vision, although they are friends, the Justice League has not been formed yet. Unknowingly, this is the moment that truly brings them together and it begins with Batman and Wonder Woman in their quest to avenge Superman’s death.

I am fully aware that there is a huge logical problem by having a funeral while Doomsday is still on the loose. Yes, common sense would dictate that Batman and Wonder Woman immediately attack Doomsday, and Metropolis postpone a funeral for a later time. And yes… that was initially going to the next video. However I felt it was necessary to slow it down for the second act, have the characters pay their respect, and add some emotional drama before escalating to all out action in part 3. So I’m hoping it’s something that can be overlooked for the sake of entertainment as we move forward to the finale. And I’m hoping to make the finale as epic as possible! I’m coming up with ideas at this very moment and it’s just a matter of making it work, so stay tuned!

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