This Week in Comics 6/1/11

Hello comic book aficionados! Here is your insider comic book news for the week.

After last week’s crazy ponderings about the upcoming secret news for DC Comics, it turns out that it all has to do with Flashpoint.  DC’s press release announced the following:

“On Wednesday, August 31st, DC Comics will launch a historic renumbering of the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues, including the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and bestselling artist and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. The publication of JUSTICE LEAGUE issue 1 will launch day-and-date digital publishing for all these ongoing titles, making DC Comics the first of the two major American publishers to release all of its superhero comic book titles digitally the same day as in print.

DC Comics will only publish two comic books on August 31st: the final issue of this summer’s comic book mini-series FLASHPOINT and the first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE by Johns and Lee, two of the most distinguished and popular contemporary comic book creators, who will be collaborating for the first time. Together they will offer a contemporary take on the origin of the comic book industry’s premier superhero team.”

This spells out a whole lot of new things for the DC Universe, but can it handle this big of a shake to start everything from “scratch”.?

Even though it would be awesome to see The Joker and Harley Quinn on Dancing With the Stars, we’ll just have to settle with  Mattel’s new 6” DC Universe Classics “Mad Love” Joker/Harley Quinn  “Tango With Evil” inspired toy. The colors and accessories that match the toy are so vivid, that you won’t be able to help running on over to your local toy store and picking one up. If you’d like to know more about this toy’s release check out  Comics Alliance full post.

Our final little news story for the week ends with Batman. Despite all the hulaballo on the confirmed addition of a new villain to the mix of an already full cast, it turns out that one thing we can be sure on is the possibility of filming for the film in New Wark, New Joysey! (I’m sure you said it in the accent I was using in my head) Cory Brooker, the Mayor of Newark, tweeted earlier this week that he:

“Met with the producer and studio team for the next Batman Movie,” he wrote, “Great people! They hope to film scenes in Nwk. Holy Brick City Batman! POW!”

He followed that tweet with a “joke” about his  interest to cameo as Nightwing in the Warner Bros. production. To which he stated:

“They just smiled politely & looked at their watches,” he added.

Come on who secretly doesn’t want to be in a Batman movie. Don’t be ashamed Cory! There are so many Bat-Geeks like you that we all understand your want to be in a Batman movie, but the sad thing is there are already too many people in the cast! Where will the fit you?

Now that we’re finished with a daily dose of news let’s take a look at the pulls for the week.

DC/Vertigo Pulls

Wonder Woman #611

First main DC pull for the week is Wonder Woman #611 written by J. Michael Straczynksi and Phil Hester with art and cover by Don Kramer and Jay Leisten. Wonder Woman looks determined to kick some a** in the penultimate issue of the “Oddesey” story arc. Just a little aside, this Wonder Woman kind of resembles Olivia Munn, and I give it two thumbs up. Despite this beautiful artistry on the cover this issue will unveil who is behind this altered reality, and why all this has happened in the first place. My Wonder-Sense is tingling, and I sense I future disturbance in men’s trousers with this issue.

Batman Beyond #6

Second pull for this week is Batman Beyond #6 written by Adam Beechen with art by Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci. The cover speaks volumes for the intense turn for this week’s issue of Batman Beyond. The “Industrial Revolution” arc ups the ante with the crisis at Wayne Powers escalating to deadly proportions, and if you thought it couldn’t get worse, well it does! A new villain reveals himself in the chaos and threatens the life of the citizens of Gotham, and Batman himself!

Secret Six #34

Final DC pull for the week is Secret Six #34 written by Gail Simone with art by J. Calafiore. Bane snaps! After trying so hard to seek an honorable path, he’s fallen into the abyss and seen the futility of his attempts. Can Scandal Savage, his rock of sanity, save him from the descending deeper into madness or will he succumb to his dark desires? What are your thoughts on Bane? Was this snap a long time coming or do you believe he can persevere through these thoughts?

Other Pulls:

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #1 -With all the world’s greatest superheroes none existent, it is up to Traci 13 to try and find a way to save our planet. Can a 15 year old girl really have what it takes to save the world?

House of Mystery #38 -People are pissy with the Mack’s granddaughter taking over the House of Mystery, but hey Harry is sleeping with someone so the drama is as good as shaking a box of bloodthirsty ants.

Jonah Hex #68 -Jonah Hex never seems to stay out of trouble. But as Jonah faces the trial of his life, he’ll have to play detective in own case if he plans  to prove his innocence.

Marvel Pulls

Heroes for Hire #8

First  main Marvel pull for the week is  Heroes for Hire #8 written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by John Livesay, Andrew Hennessy, and Brad Walker.   Spider Man looks to be in a predicament with Scorpion, and wall crawling won’t help him escape the problems that are looking to submerge him. This issue will conclude Spider Man’s involvement in the Heroes for Hire comic, but don’t worry Misty Knight’s dramatic reveals in this issue will surely have you return to what Aint It Cool News raves is  a must buy series.

Fear Itself #3

Second Marvel pull for the week is Fear Itself #3 written by  Matt Fraction with art by Stuart Immonen. The fight gets bloody and scary as Fear strikes American soil!  Global panic ensues as Fear digs its claws into the people of earth. Meanwhile, in Asgard, Loki hatches a dastardly that he is sure will work. If you still aren’t biting on this drama filled issue then here is one last hook for ya!  A major Marvel Hero will fall in this issue, and it’ll send you into a comatose of shock as the universe is enveloped in evil. Is there any hope for the Marvel Universe?

X-23 #11

Final Marvel pull for the week is X-23 #11 written by Marjorie Liu with art by Sana Takeda. After X-23 and Jubilee’s b***h fight last issue, these girls got to put aside their petty girl problems and face the problem at hand. With X-23’s kill list revived she’s pulling an Uma Thurman Kill Bill, and going after everyone whose life was spared. Plus with a vampire on her corner of the ring, these kills are bound to get a little gory and messy. Girls + Blood= Carnage Perfection!

Other Pulls:

Avengers Academy #14.1

Ozma of Oz #7 -Even though Billina finds a way break the enchantments of the Nome king, how will Ozma’s army manage against the Nome King’s horde.

X-Factor #220 -Wolfsbane wishes to be absolved of the sins she has committed before giving birth, but forgiveness doesn’t wait at the chapel! The next x-citing arc of the X-Factor starts here.

Independent Pulls

Kato #10

First main Independent pull for the week is Kato #10 written by Ande Parks with art by Diego Bernard. Kato’s adventures are now leading her towards Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet series.  But before she gets there, she’ll have to extract info from her prisoner in order to bring down crime lord Takeshi. Plus, how long will she last with her “Mulan” alter ego. With things getting more tense what is a fighting asian girl to do?

Hellboy: The Fury #1

Second Independent pull for the week is Hellboy: The Fury #1 written and cover art by Mike Mignnolia with art by Duncan Fegredo. Hellboy faces his demon in “The Fury”, and you better believe that this mark a new chapter in the Hellboy saga. As war ensues between good and evil, Hellboy finally comes face to face with the Queen of Blood. Make sure to grab the Comic Impact is saying, “Once The Fury hits the shelves . . . $#!T. IS. GOING. TO. GO. DOWN.”

Death of Zorro #4

Final Independent pull for the week is  Death of Zorro #4 written by Ande Parks with art by Esteve Pols.  The battle rages  on both sides of the coin. On one side The Lone Ranger, Tonto, and a handful of Indian braves launch an attack on Colonel Augustus Barton’s forces. On the other side La Justicia, a secret society of crime fighters, make their way to Zorro ranch, but are they a sign of hope or rising conflict?

Other Pulls:

Zombies Vs Cheerleaders #3 – Girl in the front cover is a half naked cheerleader with shoes hanging from her fingers. Come on not only is it a boner inducer for men and women can’t help but think “How likely is her survival rate in a locker room with shoes not properly on her feet?”

30 Days of Night Night Again #2 -The half-starved wanderers finally make it into the weather-changing stations, meanwhile, there is something knocking on the inside of a WWII Torpedo.

The Grim Ghost #2 -The war for an army continues as The Grim Ghost battles his eternal enemy, Lord Braddock, for the most powerful soul in centuries.

Leave your thoughts and comments about what comics you like, dislike, hopeful, or disappointed with in the box below.



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