As we all know, the first season of AMC‘s The Walking Dead took some liberties with the comic. New characters and new situations (Keeping Shane alive, Nursing home gang, season finale at CDC..etc) were introduced. I’m still on the fence about all this “new” material. Well it was fresh and captured my attention, I feel that Frank Darabont and his team are adding more ingredients to an all ready successful recipe. It’s unneeded.

Anyway, fans have been assuming and hoping that season 2 will put the show back on the comic-book track. At this point in the comic, our gang of zombie apoc. survivors have had a scare at abandoned suburban community, made a quick stay at a farm, picked up some new characters and eventually fortified themselves inside a prison. I’m sure director Frank Darabont has all this mapped out, but knowing what he did with the first season, he’s gonna stretch it all the fuck out and splice a bunch a new material in-between.  Regardless, 3 new characters have just been revealed for the second season and Hershel’s farm will indeed be a point of interest. Yay!

The three new characters joining The Walking Dead are Hershel, Maggie and Otis. Hershel is described as a “Wilford Brimley type” and veterinarian who owns a farm that the survivors eventually stumble across. This is where Rick Grimes and the other survivors take temporary refuge in the comic. As a veterinarian, he has medical experience which comes in handy for the survivors several times. A relatively fit man for his age. He is also deeply religious. His only reason for life is the protection and survival of his children. Maggie is one of Hershel’s daughters.

As for Otis, he is the ranch foreman who was a kind and good-natured person, but eventually loses his shit when he accidentally shoots a survivor.

So, the story for season 2 seems to be following along with the comic. Nice! But, again, knowing Darabont will have a bunch of “new” bullshit material to sit through before we get to the farm stuff, I’m sure.

source: TVLINE

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