Head to your next big toy convention and check out the displays for a company’s upcoming toy line, it’s nothing more then a figure and name plate. At best it’s some person telling you how these figures made outside the country are going to be the hottest selling product of the year. It’s all for show, nothing more then a pitch from someone that might only know enough to get by. Now hop back in the DeLorean, time travel to 1986 and check out this amazing Masters of The Universe display. If Doc Brown and a flux capacitor cannot be provided then the following video tape will just have to do.

Making a big event out of children’stoys isn’t much now but throw in a narrator and some “special” effects and you’ve got the kids sold on what they want for Christmas. Remember this is from a video camera from 86 so for those kids that expect HD picture quality and massive effects don’t get your hopes up, this counts as your history lesson for school.

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It just makes you all warm and fuzzy to know that somehow, somewhere, those exact figures are either getting sold on ebay or locked away in somebody’s closet just waiting to come out (I know Prince Adam is).

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