“The Event” Picked up by SyFy?

After being canceled by NBCThe Event show’s creator Nick Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark toldfans that there was a possibility for the sci-fi drama to continue elsewhere. Looks like it might be happening at the SyFy channel in the form of a miniseries. Greasing the wheels is the fact that Syfy and The Event producer, Universal Media Studios, are NBC Universal corporate siblings. If mini series does well, it could potentially launch another season of the alien drama.

This Nersbastard isn’t going to get his hopes up. Scifi on SyFy? Can SyFy spare the room and not show another boring Ghost Hunters or Ghost Whisperer? Really, who watches those shows except guys hoping for a “running” scene? If they made that show more like Baywatch I might get interested. Don’t forget all that wrestling programming. Can’t let any real science fiction get in the way of showing this weeks new character wrestler pummelling some unknown or has been.

My guess is even if this gets done SyFy will just screw it up by putting the whole miniseries on at 2am on Wednesday morning in one lump marathon. You’ll only hear about it the day before on an obscure website and SyFy will use some technological magic to screw up your DVR and make it record more wrestling and ghost programming.

All you Wrestling and Ghost hunter fans can now flame me in the comments section below. I’m not against that programming, just the amount that SyFy relies on it for what ever dismal ratings it can garner during the week. I would rather watch old SciFi television shows. That is a good idea. Someone make the SyFy-Land programming happen, Buck Rodgers, Battlestar Galactica, Logan’s Run, Planet of the Apes, there are a ton just sitting around gathering dust.

What old SciFi television show would you want to watch?

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