Sexy Cosplay of The Week: Riddle

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It’s Friday but more importantly it’s the first weekend of June which means more sun and more Cosplay. This is when the convention circuit picks up and the grand daddy of it all, San Diego Comic-con, is only weeks away. That means we only a have a few more chances to obsess over one female Cosplayer a week before complete tight suit overload. So let’s get in the small doses now before we get into complete Cosplay overdose.

This week we speak the name of: Riddle

Originally from the land of beavers (the other kind) and maple syrup, this fellow Canadian now resides in Atlanta, Georgia proving that nothing is sexier then a woman from the great white north. We export the best in entertainment, hockey players and now our Cosplayers are taking over the united states, it’s a new revolution.

It’s hard not to be bias for a  fellow Canadian, but a woman this hot would make our igloos melt.

Anyway, her Cosplay is utterly amazing. All hand made wears that are of Hollywood quality (Seriously, check out her Huntress and Wasp costumes and try to tell me otherwise). Coupled with her gorgeousness, she is everything your pervy nerdy mind dreams about. Oh, and she has perky, boobies. Yay for Boobs!

Practically a full time Cosplayer, Riddle started out doing Cosplay the same way all people do, dressing up and going out on Halloween. After discovering that people dressed up as a hobby, the young Canadian tried out her first convention event as Lina inverse of Slayers. Besides regretting dyeing her hair red and not remembering to much from all her excitement she’s pushed on making bigger and better costumes.

If you love Canadians living in America or your just in the Atlanta area keep your eyes out for Riddle, you may just see her during an excursion on the convention floor. Can’t make it? Well, there’s always her homepage, Twitter or Deviantart pages to see 24 hours a day. Be sure to call the Priest when it’s all over, you’ll have some confessing to do.

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