Bioshock Fan-Made Theme Song

Do you get scared by video games?

I don’t, but there are a lot of scary games out there that people buy (such as Condemned, Alan Wake and any number of zombie games) because people love to be scared.

But, I have never been so emotionally traumatized by a game that I had the urge to write a song about it! However, that is exactly what YouTube user lightsatsparkwood21 did for a game that I absolutely loved, Bioshock.

Her reasoning was this:

This is about my complete inability to play Bioshock for longer than ten minutes at a time without having to stop and go and hide underneath a large pile of clothing. Basically, it scares the shit out of me. I apologise for the mic level…I couldn’t get a decent sound. It’s really trebley.
Thanks to Ben Paul for the lyrics of the last verse (the best verse) as well.
Big Daddies are friends:

It’s actually a pretty good song, and I love the call-backs to the classic music from the game at the beginning. She really did a great job with the song, and I hope you give it a listen below!

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