Even though E3 doesn’t officially start till tomorrow, Microsoft wants to start the week off with their press conference, in which they called it “The Future Revealed.” Just what kind of future does Microsoft have planned for us gamers is just a one click away to find out.

*UPDATE – Videos are available now.

The conference started off with a level from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We get a peak of an underwater level in which you’re trying to take over a submarine, it looks pretty sweet. After the demonstration, they once again announced that DLC for Modern Warfare 3 will available on Xbox 360 first.

Next up was a demonstration of the upcoming Tomb Raider danger. The live demo shows how players must control Lara and have her survive through various of situations, such as pulling a of metal out of her leg. They ended it by saying that the game will be out by Fall 2012.

EA was up after that and they announced how they will have sports game be Kinect capabilities and that Sims 3: Pets will also have some Kinect capabilities through voice recognition.  Mass Effect 3 will have the same voice recognition feature. It will give you new ways to converse by letting your voice select the dialogue option. Also, you are able to select your tactical option with the voice recognition instead of pausing the combat to do it.

From there, we got a trailer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier in which starts off the Ubisoft portion for this conference. Future Soldier will be a Kinect enabled game in which gamers will be able to modify weapons (Gunsmith) through voice and motion recognition and we get a little demo of how the shooting works and while it does look a bit silly, it works.

We then get a preview of the next Xbox dashboard experience update and features. Youtube will be coming as well as Bing, in which Bing will search thing through voice recognition. While they didn’t go in to much details, Xbox will soon have live television. Dana White of UFC fame comes out and tells us that the 360 will let you interact during UFC live events, such as picking who will win the fight and checking out other clips to prepare for the live event.

The next set of games are all Xbox 360 exclusives.

Next up is Cliff Bleszinski and Ice T playing some Gears of War 3 co-op and they are kicking the ass of an angry sea creature. As always, the game looks awesome and Ice T announced that he is reuniting his band one more time to do a song for the game.

After that, we got a trailer for Ryse, a Kinect game that let you play as a roman warrior. The gameplay looks similar to the gladiator mode in Sony’s Sports Champion but with no controller.

We then hear that hymn that any gamer will recognized and we get a trailer for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the HD remake of the first Halo game. The game will include everything the original had and will include online multiplayer. The game is set for a November 15th release date.

After that was a trailer for Forza Motorsport 4 and it’s all about the community.

We then get a cutscene from Lionhead Studios for the game Fable: The Journey and yes folks, it is a Kinect Fable game. The gameplay seems to be on-rails while the gamer moves their had in order to unleash some magic spells.

Phil Spencer comes out once again to announce a batch of Kinect specific games. First up is a Minecraft Kinect game, which seems to be a XBLA game. Next up Kinect Disneyland Adventures and it’s a series of mingames and set to come out this holiday season. After that, we got to see some Kinect Star Wars goodness. With voice recognition, you can turn your lightsaber on. The gameplay looks simple as it is sure to aimed for the kids. We then get to see Double Fine’s Sesame Street Once Upon A Monster. The game is minigame collection that seems to focus more about the parent and child experience of playing the game.

We then get introduce to Kinect Fun Labs by Dr. Kudo (who is looking fly), which seems to be a series of Kinect apps that let’s folks play and experience what the Kinect is capable of. Some of these apps is a finger tracking app, an easy avatar creator, and object capture. Kudo ends it off by saying that Kinect Fun Labs is available today.

The Kinect stuff isn’t over yet as we get another trailer, this time for Kinect Sports Season 2. They added voice recognition and a few new sports, such as golf, football and tennis.

We then get introduced to Dance Central 2, the sequel to my favorite Kinect game. The game seems to be doing multiplayer right this year and that all the songs from the first game can be exported to the second game.

They end the conference with a teaser trailer for Halo 4. Gamers will be experiencing a new trilogy with Master Chief once again.

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